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The community has had various health problems. Of these, many are caused either directly or indirectly by obesity. This is a condition characterized by the accumulation of excess body fat posing risk of health adverse. The condition leads to a significant reduction in life expectancy and/or increase in health problems. A person is considered obese if their body mass index (BMI), is in excess of30 kg/m2 . BMI is the quotient obtained when one divides a person’s weight in kilograms by their height in metres squared (Grays, 1991).

Obesity greatly increases the prevalence of certain diseases, including but not limited to, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer and other minor ailments. It is a leading cause in the world and has been on a constant rise in Blackhawk County. In addition, obesity is a major cause of stigma today.


The condition’s most common causes are excessive intake of food energy, lack of or inadequate physical activity, and genetic factors. In some instances, medication, endocrine disorders, or psychiatric illness can cause the condition. Some studies have also shown that people with slow metabolism may end up becoming obese as the chief characteristic of people with the condition is less energy expenditure than intake.

Prevention and intervention measures in Blackhawk.

Obesity in the county has been on a constant rise and medical records show that the number of people seeking treatment for obesity related problems is increasing by the day. The condition can be effectively controlled and treated through proper dieting and partake of physical exercise. Physical exercise has in particular been singled out for its effectiveness in the same. Correct physical recreation activities as may be found in a recreation center can reverse the alarming trend in Blackhawk County as it has in other rural settings.

The county lacks a recreation centre with a wide variety of recreation activities that would cater for the needs of ala residents of the county. Creation of one would be a big step towards fighting obesity in the county.

To cater for the recreation needs of as many members of the community as possible, the centre should offer  a wide selection of physical activities. As such, the facilities should include tennis and squash courts, a football pitch a volleyball court, a basketball court and a swimming pool. It would also be of great help if a fitness centre (gymnasium) with qualified instructors was established. It is also important that the centre include a family entertainment centre that provides high quality entertainment to the whole family .

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The recreation centre requires a total of start up funding  $158,500  that includes $65,750 for Start-up Assets and $92,750 for start-up expenses. The funding can be obtained through government grants. Since the recreation centre will charge a fee for maintenance, and the amount of the grant is limited, the recreation centre can also be partially funded by a combination of investment from community members and low interest loans.

It is important that the centre remains open on weekends and in public holidays as these are the times that majority of people are free to visit such a centre and it is during these times that many are involved in social activities that lead to uptake of improper diet.

Though the problem of obesity is slowly gaining root in the county, establishment of this centre, in my view, would see a big drop in the condition.

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