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Brooklyn is the most densely inhabited district among the five in New York City. It was a sovereign city until it was seized by New York City in 1898. Brooklyn goes on to uphold a distinct ethnicity. Meticulous ethnic sets and customs cover most parts of Brooklyn area.

Brooklyn has in an exceedingly long time been a centre of immigrants. That explains why the occupants of the region keep changing time in time out. The area is mostly occupied by the whites. It is also home to many groups including the Jews, Russians, Ukrainians, African Americans, Irish, and Pakistani. The community has more and more become diverse because of the entry of immigrants assimilating its neighborhoods. It is also the centre of art in the country. It possesses a competitive advantage in the creative industries such as advertising, fashion, design and architecture.

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Culturally, Brooklyn community plays distinct roles in American culture among them literature, cinema and theater. It is home to the famous Brooklyn Academy of music. It also houses the second biggest community art collected works in U. S. it is where the nation’s largest public art museum, Brooklyn museum is found. It has an enduring collection of artistic objects and innate historical samples. That portrays how much culture in the community is valued. Brooklyn has a large number of public and private schools. There are universities, colleges and training institution in the region. Brookline technical school has the second biggest hall in New York City with a sitting capacity of over 3000.

Many sports came with the New York migrant communities. As a result of the many immigrants from all over the world into New York, the languages in the region are diverse. Though, the main language of communication in Brooklyn is English. The culture in Brooklyn is mixed because of many immigrants in the region. However, Brooklyn’s form of culture is modernized and has always spread to various parts of the Brooklyn and to New York at large.

Economically, Brooklyn has many banks and credit unions. These banks do not operate on their own. Therefore, the presences of these banks and unions have created employment opportunities to the residents of Brooklyn. These financial institutions provide financial services to the residents and contribute largely to the growth of New York economy.

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There are services, retailing and construction industries in the region. These industries are mostly run by strong international immigrants into the region. There is an existence of many international corporations and organizations in the community. These have highly contributed positively to Brooklyn community and, hence, New York City economy at large. Brooklyn’s community has benefited from the entry of financial back office operations from Manhattan. There are high tech and entertainment industries contributing to Brooklyn economic growth. Support work such as bookkeeping, personal deliver organizations and PC services, are also available in Brooklyn and contribute to the growth of Brooklyn’s economic growth.

Building and services are the fastest expanding segments in Brooklyn, employing many of Brooklyn population. There are small businesses, which happen to be the most employers in the region. Ship building industry also exists and is a significant employer too. Industrial design firms, food processing businesses, artisans, and film and television production industry are also significant industries in the district. All these industries are significant contributors to the thriving economy in Brooklyn. The manufacturing sector also forms the largest part of the economy with the food processing manufacturing plants taking the lead.

Brooklyn is governed by a mayor council system which is under New York City charter. It has a centralized form of governorship with the New York City government accountable for public schooling, correctional institutes, libraries, public protection, leisure facilities, hygiene, water provision, and wellbeing services. Therefore, the mayor is responsible for the governorship in Brooklyn. The mayor is elected into the house and is expected to run for four years, after which elections are held to elect new leaders in. the district’s president has acted as an advocate for the borough at the mayoral agencies, the city council, the new York state government, and corporations.

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The Democratic Party holds most of the public offices in Brooklyn. Party policies delve into inexpensive housing, education and economic growth. Brooklyn has its own criminal court system and district attorney. The principal prosecutor is directly selected by a popular ballot. Brooklyn has 16 city council members, the largest in New York City. This might be explained by the large population registered in Brooklyn. It has 18 of city’s 59 community districts. Each is controlled by an unpaid community panel of advisory authorities under the city’s consistent land use review system. Each panel has a remunerated district manager who operates as an interlocutor with metropolis agencies.

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