Seneca Letter

Seneca is one of the greatest philosophers of all time not by mere title but by action or weight of his ideas. In his 23rd letter which he dedicated to a friend he underscores the significance of joy in the life of a human being. This was an idea of great value to the friend and the contemporary society is not exceptional in terms of Seneca’s appeal. It is important to note that the psychological measure of joy should not be pegged on other people’s actions in our lives and how they bring joy as Seneca remarks (Benson & Haith, 2009). However, happiness should be a matter of self initiative since the forces within us explain the variation in our moods and feelings at different times of our life. Seneca asserts that the average life of any person is substantially influenced by the state of emotions at any given time. For instance, in respect to this philosopher’s ideas, it is fairly evident that mood swings affect the productivity of an individual. In the event that one is sad, the mental pressure translates to poor performance in various activities which are basically co-ordinated by the brain. Joy is a state of emotion that can boost the smooth co-ordination of activities of the body and yield high productivity and improved health of a person.

The point this Philosopher was putting emphasis on is that we need to create that stress free status from within ourselves and this is what he hints by telling the friend to make his business (Benson & Haith, 2009).In reference to his appeal, some of the strategies that would help in attaining this could be to ensure we are always satisfied by our state of physical, mental and spiritual aspects. The craving desire for material wealth is one of the factors that can put pressure on an individual to the detriment of his/her health and therefore it is advisable to develop the positive culture of generating joy from within ourselves (Benson & Haith, 2009) . The level of interaction highly depend on the psychological status at any given time and this explains why the longer one has joy the more positively interactive one will be. Seneca highly campaigns for joy as an important recipe to good health.



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