German Shepherd

The German shepherd is also known as Alsatian in some quarters. It is a large sized dog when compared to other dog breeds found in the world. They are preferred to other dogs in that they are strong and intelligent and have extraordinary abilities. They are widely used in herding and within the security elements like the police and the army. They are considered for these positions in that they are obedient and easily trainable.

The most common type of breed of the German shepherd is the ancient or the original and the modern one. The ancient is considered the real breed while the modern one is considered weak in some characters and it has been criticized for straying away from the ancient and real German shepherd. This is because it lacks some characters such as the real color, strength, lack some teeth, and weak immunity.

The German shepherd may be fed on a diet of raw foods or kibbled foods. The raw foods comprise of raw bones and meat from different animals like chicken and rabbits. The kibbled foods, on the other hand, comprise of dried or wet foods from the stores. This may comprise green vegetables among other things. The raw foods is a better diet for the German shepherd as it is natural and has the natural materials taken by carnivores. It further allows for a natural balance of nutrients for the dog. This ensures the dog feels naturally free rather than caged and enslaved. Raw foods are less likely to spread viral diseases to the dogs. They also have little long term effects on the dogs. The vegetable material contained in kibble food is non-carnivore diet making me disqualify them as the right meal for a German shepherd.

The German shepherd breed of dogs are admired the world over. They are social animals and obedient. Their efficiency in their activities can only be improved by their diet. A good diet prevents diseases and stress in the dogs. Giving the wrong diet can jeopardize their health, performance and even lower their life expectancy by a considerable percentage. The German shepherd has to be taken care of to give the best.



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