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Use Green Energy

The use of renewable sources of energy is the main method through which emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere can be minimized.

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For decades, human beings have been using fossil fuel to produce power used in industries and in homes among other human related activities. As a result of consuming fossil fuel and their products, billion tons of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere annually. Surprisingly, the consumption of fossil which includes oil, natural gas and coal continues to rise sharply due to increased demand. This implies that the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will continue to rise if something is not done. Individuals, governments and institutions have been on the lead to campaign against global warming.  As a result, several policies and measures have been established to ensure that the amount of harmful gases released into the atmosphere is minimized (Kolbert 346). Individuals and industries have been advised to refrain from activities that result in emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

In his article, “Green power” Kolbert gives us a global picture of how carbon dioxide can be harmful as well as showing how people are unwilling to adopt the use of “green power” as an alternative (Kolbert, 346). He starts his article with a verbal picture of Jorgen Tranberg to who at the beginning uses generators being driven by oil (Kolbert 349. He also shows how they traveled in his car implying that vehicles also contribute to emission of these harmful gases. This shows the activities that people engage in comfortably yet they contribute to production of harmful gases into the atmosphere (Burnett 354). This marks the beginning of his movement to sensitive people to stop using fossil fuel in some of their activities and seek an alternative such as the use of wind power. Notably, industries all over the globe are the main emitter of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

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Environmentalist and policy makers normally consider wind power as the only alternative to burning of fossil fuel. Wind power is preferred as it increases reliability, reduces air pollution as well as avoid emission of green houses gases into the environment.  However, this source of power has demerits such as reduced power production when there is little or no wind to drive the turbines, it is also expensive, when the wind is too strong, wind towers have t be closed to avoid them being blown away (Kolbert 355). This implies that wind has to be moderate all the time to have power. Therefore, wind farms have to have convectional power plants that supply the power in order the wind power is not being generated. This is simply because the grid requires constant and regulated supply of power. Generally, millions of kilowatts of electrical power can be produced by installing land based turbines driven by wind. This implies the use of carbon free or reduced carbon use is the only method through which emission of CO2 can be reduced. Some of carbon-free technologies that can be used in generation of power include; solar power, wind power, hydropower as well as geothermal energy (Kolbert 347). Although these sources of energy have their own effects, it can be argued that they are better that the use of fossil fuel such as coal, oil and natural gas.

The use of renewable sources of energy such as wind is the only remedy to the problem of emission of harmful gases. Biomass can also be another source of energy as it reduces the emission of carbon dioxide. However, the combustion of biomass should be reabsorbed to avoid production of CO2 (Burnett 351). Despite availability of alternatives to conserve energy, there is tendency that people, governments and international community look and wait to be lead in order to take action (Burnett 347). They tend wait for the first one to make the move and show the way. Just as it is the case with Samson, in the article “Green energy” who initiated people to start using renewable sources of energy, it should be the case with other individuals and nations. On the same, the government can take the lead role by sponsoring energy saving projects that are meant to produce energy for consumptions (Kolbert 351). Government can also ensure that every citizen participates in the use and creation of renewable sources of energy. International community should take the lead role in promoting and coming up with new innovations on the use of energy. When we come to preservation of climate, we should think globally and act locally. This implies that we should practice activities that are meant to reduce production of carbon dioxide at our homes. This would go a long way in saving lives of many people around the globe.

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From the above analysis, it is evident that the use of renewable sources of energy is the only method through which we can preserve our lives. Notably, climate change has taken a major course whose negative effects are being felt all over the world. Therefore, it is not a question of whether renewable sources of energy have demerits or not, it is about avoiding further degradation of our environment. Although renewable sources have their own demerits, new innovations should be done to enhance their production of power rather than going back to the use of fossil fuels.

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