Daughter from Danang

Daughter from Danang is a well composed documentary film that describes the relationship between children and their parents. In the film, we come across a girl named Heidi living with her parents in Southern Vietnam. War breaks and Heidi taken to the United States for safety. In the foreign country Heidi gets an adoption by a single American woman by the name Ann Neville. This separates Heidi from her mother and she feels uncomfortable with the situation. Back at home, the parents expect to get financial assistance from their daughter and they keep on sending Heidi letters which she does not reply. This was due to the poor financial conditions in which Heidi lived with her family. This situation affects Heidi because she has decided not to keep in touch with her Vietnamese family.

In the documentary film, Daughter from Danang, different characters portray their identical characters openly. Avowal is the process through which individuals portray themselves outwardly in connection to their characters. On the other hand, ascription is the process by which others attribute identities to them. In the film, Heidi is separated from her parents and this keeps her from the basic believes and practices. The characters show stereotypical associations as they interact with each other (Nguyen, 2012).

Prejudice is the coming up with a conclusion about a certain situation without considering the cause. This is also prejudgment on the happenings around one’s life. This is also referred to as unfounded beliefs. The parents to Heidi prejudge the financial situation of their daughter where they expect Heidi to fully support them. Ethnocentrism is related with the relationship between the members of communities with differences in their beliefs. This is the major reason for division amongst coming from different races and religious groups in the society. In the film, the characters show differences in the way they interact. Heidi is a victim of ethnocentrism because she is separated from her Vietnamese family. This creates division between her and her parents and she also regrets the situation because she also decides not to keep in touch with the Vietnamese family.

In conclusion, family strong ties are very vital in the interaction with each other. The cords holding people together should not be broken due to the indifferences among the people. Ethnocentrism should be avoided as it weakens human relations. The differences between the different communities should be minimized by avoiding the negative norms like prejudice.



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