Pathologies of Power

The world nowadays is a challenging place for those, who live in it. On one hand, each has a right. On the other hand, the level of responsibility before the government and its substructures erase this right. As a result, the vast majority is living with the right to vote. The system created to control the congregations denies the right of human to live, to have good quality food and medicine, and health care.

Farmer’s book Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor reveals all injustice of the situation, mainly in the countries of the so-called Third World. The concept used to describe poor countries is the ground for the claim of prejudice to the half part of the Earth population. The structure created by the mighty G7 countries, EU and BRIC is designed to amplify the gap of the nations’ development in the sphere of health care, education, and agriculture.

This underlined pathology of inequality divided world into their and mine. The authentic ideas were lost and substituted by money and artificial power, supported by the money. According to the recent research, about 80% of all money is concentrated in the hands of 20% of the world population. According to the Pareto principle everything is right, but according to the right for living, everything is wrong. People forgot that the world is unite and no one can divide it to make more profit, if the best part of it is suffering from hunger, diseases, and low level of education, which tossed away whole nations back to the middle ages.

In the 90th, the whole mighty world was begging South Africa to organize democratic elections, so that everyone could have the right to vote. This enforcement drugged the public attention from more important things. From 1987 to 1994, the number of AIDS-related cases was around 5.5 million. The activists of the world institutions, such as Physicians for Human Rights and Doctors without Bordersturned their heads to Africa a few years later. The reaction is the reflection of the attitude towards those, who were limited in the sources on purpose. As a result, this is the best way to control the whole black continent and be good, when there is a need.

Farmer states that “the hesitation of many in the human rights community to cross the line from a rights activism of pure principles to one involving transfers of money, food, and medicine betrays a failure”. The hardest thing is not to get into the system, but to get out of it. In order to create the vision of support and help the suffering nations, various missions were organized. One great example is UNAIDS, with the vision of zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths.

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Injustice is in the fact that quantity and place of aid is chosen by those, who have never been there and who base their choices on the reports. Then the question is: how the disease, which was firstly discovered in 1984, managed to hit such a big amount of people on the opposite site of the world? Moreover, what evidences that the death recorded in 1969 in North America was caused by AIDS. It seems to be a well-organized scheme for development and distribution of the product, which actually has nothing to do with the disease, but takes money out of the pockets of the citizens. As a result, the medical health care supports the illusion of care and makes profit from the air, because the system created by bureaucracy works as a filter, where each has a vote.

This attitude towards people’s lives makes the life of the human not valuable. Those, who manage to get up in the hierarchy of the system, enjoy the fruits of power. The experiments conducted by the different companies on animals with the close to human genome (Ashton), make one think that all the horrors, which had happened during the II World WAR in concentration camps and cameras of death, returned in the legal form. For example, for the treatment of AIDS doctors usually use AZT for treatment. AZT is toxic and poisonous. After the treatment with this so-called drug, mortality rate reaches 100%.

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As it was mentioned above, the inequality is observed not only in medicine and health care, but also in access and outcomes. From the perspective of benefits and limitations of thinking that health care is the right of a human, there are doubts. During the 20th century in the Stalin Russia, the best way to control nations was the unquestionable power. People, mostly intelligentsia and scientists from different USSR countries, were sent to the places such as Gulag. They worked there as unskilled workmen and often suffered different diseases. Despite the fact that there was a doctor, no one could receive help, because there was an order from the top.

Before the camp, people were usually kept in the local prisons. There are facts that in the chamber about two by four steps ten or even twelve people were kept. They all slept on the floor. If one got sick, others were suffering too. The situation repeated later, after the end of the Cold War. People died because of the tuberculosis in their chambers. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the situation did not changed dramatically. The money, which was supposed to be divided between orphanages, hospitals, and related institutions, disappeared on the way to the target groups.

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Another booming question in the world is the one about water. It is well-known fact that water is the most important element in a human body, as 80% of it is water. The situation with the water in India, African countries and some other places is still quite sad. For the entire century people are talking about this issue, organize researches, missions and conferences related to the topic, but the situation seems to be the same. Despite the fact that nowadays technologies allow to create a good and full of prosperity place for living, some nations still suffer. The majority of missions are interested not in the help, but in the possible profit one can get. As a result, the achievement on the issue is not impressive.

The average amount of money needed for building the well is around ten thousand dollars. For the government this is a huge amount of money, so they need to organize the commission, which can evaluate all works and procedures for the building, which will actually cost about ten thousand or even more. In the end, there is no money, and probably will never be. Nevertheless, the job was done, or its illusion. This can be an example of incompetence of the local government, which follows the instruction and rejects to think locally. As a result, the numbers of malaria outbreaks is rising.

The orphanages organized to provide health care for those, who were left by AIDS positive parents, cannot cope up with the situation. The conditions are far away from being hygienic. Often children are dying in the night without a noise. In order to change this situation and raise the prestige of the country, the United States of America promote and supports those, who want to adopt child from Africa. From the first look this is a good idea to decrease the level of uneducated people. Though, usually the local government is against such good intentions. For them it is better to suffer with dignity, and understand that they are together against the evil.

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