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Sarah Gardner

The first passage is written by Sarah Gardner, a senior at Liberty specializing in marriage and family in psychological studies. She believes that the studies will equip her with the necessary skills to handle struggles experienced with individuals within a family setup. Gardner argues that individuals are always biased when identifying the most important historical event. Events do show varying effects on affected individuals. Gardner believes that the Charity Organization Society (COS) was the most important event as it captured the hearts of many through its mission. The organization demonstrated concern for the poor. This approach became United States’ turning point in recognizing the less fortunate. However, the practice of scientific charity through embracing the ideas of Charles Darwin watered down the initial efforts brought about by COS (Martin, 2011). The classification of worthy and unworthy poor brought a lot of conflict that still haunt the American society to this day. People have been made to believe in the nonexistence of equality.

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Cynthia Lloyd

The second passage is written by Cynthia Lloyd, an old grandmother who loves family and has an excellent family support system. She is in touch with every member of her family and shows concern whenever they are troubled. The family members also do help her in times of need. Lloyd is a learned woman having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology. She attended Elizabeth City State University, which happens to be a family college since most members graduated from there. Lloyd has taught US History to Middle School children for thirty six years and enjoys faith-based challenges. She feels that development of nonprofit/charity organizations was the most important historical event that has affected Americans. The organizations utilize surplus revenue to assist minorities and immigrants. However, Lloyd notes that there is a challenge of reaching out to the ever increasing number of people in need from other races and nationalities.


The third passage is written by Megan, a social service worker at Residential Mental Health Treatment Facility. She is in charge of supervising and counseling teenage male sex offenders with mental and behavioral problems. Megan has a degree in Sociology and is currently pursuing masters’ degree in Human Services with a specialization in Marriage and Family. Megan is excited about her new educational experience in a Christian environment. She believes that the environment will enable her acquire the best practices for her job.

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Megan argues that The New Deal and The Social Security Act of 1935 was the most significant historical event in the history of human services. The Act created programs that saved Americans from starvation and provided jobs for the unemployed. The drastic changes made people believe more in the American government and remain hopeful. Megan quotes work done by Martin as a proof that the New Deal achieved much in pulling out the country out of depression (Martin, 2011).


The fourth passage is a response to Jacobs’ work. The writer argues how challenging it is to lead a discussion group. The challenge is more pronounced when dealing with adolescents between the ages of twelve to seventeen in a psychiatric residential facility. In discussion groups, two or more individuals are likely to dominate, which may affect participation of other members. In order to avoid this, the writer has adopted a leadership style referred to as structure and organizational structure. According to Jacobs et al. (2012), the two elements are essential when leading any discussion. They help in management of discussion groups and avoid dominance of certain individuals. Therefore, effective discussions result from a leader with proper training on the subject. For instance, one is able to handle a group from mental health facility and assess an individual’s capability to participate in a large group discussion. However, a group leader should gain experience from every discussion meeting so as to effectively handle future discussions.

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The last passage argues that counseling and therapy groups offer the most challenges during facilitation. According to Jacobs et al. (2012), these groups present complex challenges which keep mutating during the facilitation period. The groups always start with a problem unlike other groups such as informative groups, youth groups, task oriented groups, staff meetings, and support groups. Moreover, members of such groups have a bitter feeling about the problem. Facilitation of such groups requires a professional with the ability to study the situation and apply necessary techniques in solving the problem at hand. The professional is able to respect differences and provide a supportive environment in managing these groups. This happens through the use of intrapersonal approach in viewing and analyzing an individual’s problems in a group. The leader needs to express kindness, knowledge, comfort and be able to generate trust when dealing with conflict. However, the leader needs to be realistic in his expressions so as to solve the problem amicably.

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