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Changing your personal style can be a serious challenge. If you are willing to do this, most definitely you will go through the five emotional stages. Brace yourself up as your new style is coming.    


It happens like that: you open your wardrobe and all the clothes that you loved so much in the past look like strangers for you. You realize that you do not want to wear them anymore.

Solution: Do not panic, just study what clothes you do not like anymore. Consider why and make a list of what you would like to change and what new items you need to buy.

 Feeling Uncomfortable

You cannot just throw away all you clothes and get the new ones in one moment, so you have to wear for some time the items, which you do not like. Most probably, you will not feel good about it.

Solution: It is better to relax and think what clothes you would prefer. Next time you go shopping, ask yourself, “Does this thing express what I want it to say about me?”

Wishing to be Like That Girl on a Train Station

You go to the train station and suddenly you see that girl. Everything is perfect about the way she is dressed. You fell totally amazed about her and think to yourself, “How can I look that way?”

Solution: Find a style icon that inspires you. Create a folder or Pinterest board with those who inspire you in terms of style and let them become your style gurus. You will discover a certain pattern and adjust your mind to it.

 Seeing the Light in the End of the Tunnel

Now you know something about where you are heading and it will allow you to notice some beautiful things that perfectly match your new image. Some of them may be unreachable, some of them are too expensive, but now you know that you are on the right track.

Solution: Try to realizewhat exactly you like about these beautiful things. Get more specific about it and follow that style pattern every time you go shopping. Remember that you are making the foundations of your new style.

 The Last Panic Attack

When you are close to finishing something, you can anticipate the last strong wave of doubts. In this case, you can experience stress because your wardrobe is only half-built. You may even think, “Was it worth it?” Take a deep breath. Certainly, it was, and your wardrobe is half-full. You are almost there.

Solution: Try to match the things you do not like with the things you like and create new combinations. You will definitely invent something new.

On all stages, keep in mind that changing your style is a long process and do not get discouraged on the way. Start small but dream big. The day will come and you will get a classy version of yourself. Just keep going.


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