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College Student Health on a Budget

It can be challenging to remain healthy when you are in college and have to live on a budget. Fortunately, we are here to share with you several simple and low-cost methods to maintain your health. These tips will help you keep fit, maintain your healthy weight, and preserve your wellness. Are you ready to learn them?

Tips to Remain Healthy at Low Cost

  1. Walk to class. Do you often use public transit or a shuttle to get from one class to the other? Better, stop doing it and walk or jog to your class instead. You can also walk around the campus after classes, or take stairs rather than escalators or elevators. Thirty minutes of such an exercise per day will provide multiple benefits for you, including weight loss, blood pressure normalization, improved heart function, and better general health.
  2. Get cheap exercise equipment. Portable exercise equipment will help you to find a place where you can exercise even in a small dorm area. Use stability balls, resistance bands and similar items. You can take them anywhere and work out. If you do not have such equipment, you still can do many things, such as push-ups, squats, and jumping jacks.
  3. Engage into campus activities. They can be dance clubs, intramural sports, yoga or Pilates classes, and the list goes on and on. See what is going on in your campus and join the activity you would enjoy.
  4. Create a fitness group. For that, you need to find several individuals who also want to keep their shape on a budget. You can go cycling or running, swim in the college’s pool, or use gym in your campus together. Exercise simultaneously, share your equipment, and provide each other with motivation and new ideas. Advertise your group in your dorm to get more members.
  5. Choose healthy foods. Avoid fat foods and fast foods, even though they are so convenient to eat. Opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables instead. Sometimes you can find canned or frozen fruits and vegetables at lower prices. For a cheaper and healthier protein, choose beans, nuts and eggs rather than meat. Eat granola bars, yogurt and string cheese as snacks.
  6. Drink water. It will definitely improve your health and contribute to weight loss. Make sure you drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to keep yourself well-hydrated. To avoid buying prepackaged water and save money, get a water bottle with a filter.
  7. Mind the college health centers. Use these centers as the source for wellness and fitness, where you can address for any information you need to remain healthy. Health education, dietary advice,e and consultations on overall health issues are few of the things you can get there from healthcare professionals.


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