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Four Most Astonishing Places on Earth You Did not Know Existed

As a famous saying goes, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” There are beautiful places all over the United States, in every single state. And, of course, there is beauty in every other country on our planet. The whole big world is out there, outside your windows. This world is full of astonishing sceneries you have never heard about. Do you want to see them with your own eyes? Then stop sitting all day long and staring at your computer screen. Get up and go to see these places.

  • Abraham Lake. Alberta, Canada. Do you know what happens if freezing water catches bubbles of methane that have been created by the bacteria coming right from the sea bottom? If you have no idea about that, go to Abraham Lake and see it yourself. In this lake, you will gaze on these methane bubbles that form pockets resembling millions of spheres caught in the ice. A warning for those who use snowmobiles: avoid cracking the ice and bursting the bubbles – methane is highly flammable.
  • Cueva de los Cristales. Chihuahua, Mexico. The name of this natural wonder translates like “Cave of Crystals.” It was discovered only in 2000, so you should not feel bad for being unaware of its existence. Two brothers, who were mining for silver in this area, accidentally found this cave and allowed the world to see it too. Some of its translucent 30-feet crystals are almost 500 thousand years old. If you ever travel to this cave and take a van ride, you will experience the 90% humidity, triple-digit temperature, and see the magma river flowing under your feet.
  • Dean’s Blue Hole. Long Island, Bahamas. It is one of the most stunning places in the entire world. It has amazing limestone walls and white sands – the favorite attributes of beaches for everyone. What is more, it is also the largest blue hole on our planet and one of the biggest underwater cenotes on Earth. What else do you want to see? Seahorses, tropical fish, and turquoise waters? You can find all these here too! Since visibility here is extremely clear, imagine the beauty that you will see underwater!
  • Crystal Mill. Marble, Colorado. Take a 1-hour ride outside of Aspen, then take an 8-hour hike and find a ghost town right near the Rocky Mountains. You will see the lone remnant of this town – the old mill. It looks fabulous, especially in the fall, when the colors of the leaves, mountain peaks, and sky astonish with their beauty. It is really one of the must-see places in the United States!


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