Ways to Develop Your Personal Style without Spending Much Money

Some women think that it is rather challenging to be fashionable if your finances are limited. However, it is not true. Experts say that you can look amazing no matter how much you spend. Part of the secret is to determine your own personal style and select pieces of clothing that highlight it. We assure you, you can look like a million bucks without really spending that much.

Ways to Cultivate Your Special Appearance

1. Know Who You Are. How do you want people around to perceive you? To create the desired impression, first of all, choose age-appropriate clothes. It is fine if you want to look youthful, but make your outfits suit your life stage. Secondly, dress according to your occupation and jazz your outfit up with appropriate and nice accessories. Thirdly, fit your style to your surroundings.

2. Look for Inspiration. Find a celebrity who has the style you want to imitate. Cut from magazines or print from the computer this person’s pictures and put them into a special binder that you will use for inspiration. Take your own pictures. Look to classic fashion icons as well. You might succeed combining elements from different eras for your own style. 

3. Determine Your Goal. What is the goal of the changes in your style? A new job? A guy of your dreams? Answering these questions will help you to choose the proper pieces of clothing for the accomplishment of your goals.

4. Accentuate Your Assets. Focus on the best-looking parts of your body, choosing clothing and accessories to highlight them. Dress to your body shape. For example, if your body is pear-shaped (narrow waist and wider hips), select clothing to draw attention to your slim upper body, such as bright shirts or scarves. If you have a flat chest, choose round-necked tops and add a layered necklace. If you are busty, wear a scooped neckline. In case you are curvy, avoid wearing baggy, saggy clothes.

5. Take a Style Lesson. Here are a few things you can do for that:

  • Become literate in fashion to get your personal style quest going
  • Increase your shopping awareness by looking at fabrics and learning the difference between various prints
  • Choose different fabrics for various occasions and know how to keep them good-looking
  • See what fabrics and textures look best on you depending on your body shape
  • Read fashion magazines and look to the masters (Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, etc) to see what elements they use in their designs and use their works as the source of inspiration

There are many ways to improve your style without spending much. Start with the tips listed above. Apply them in practice, diligently work on your style improvement and you will soon notice the positive changes in yourself.


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