Roman Religion and Christianity

What makes our world unique? The answer may seem slightly absurd, but, undoubtedly, it is its diversity. We are all different and original, and that is our main peculiarity. The same is with the culture – there is a great variation of cultures all around the world, and thanks to this diversity, we have one more specific sphere of uniqueness. This is religion. Different nations live according to their own rules; the laws, which their culture gave them.

The Differences and Similarities between Christianity and Roman Religion

How Many Gods Do You Believe in?

The Romans used to worship a lot of various gods. In order to appease a certain deity, Roman people conducted special rituals to make gods are goddesses merciful towards them. Moreover, they made sacrifices (sometimes they used animals) to get even a bigger grace from the almighties. It was believed that if a god was happy, it would let simple mortal people live in peace. As soon as something bad happened, Romans were assured that the gods became furious because of people’s guilt and disobedience. That is why Roman society was so greatly dependent on the deities they believed in.

On the other hand, Christians believe that there is only one holy God. People are sure that there exists a trinity of a single God –God Son, God Father and God the Holy Spirit. According to the story, God Son, Jesus, was sent from heaven to earth in a form of a human being to save all sinful souls and open the Paradise for everybody. This is the next difference between two religions: Romans had mythological gods, whereas Christian God is believed to be truly existent. Christians are also supposed to be able to speak with the God, praying to Him, asking for help for people they love. Romans, otherwise, only had sacrificial rituals to avoid gods’ anger.

Is Your God Happy?

Apart from the differences, there are surely a few similarities between two religions. All the gods in Roman religion and God in Christianity were highly worshipped and owed. People always tried to keep them happy and satisfied. Even if the means of worshiping were amazingly different (Romans made sacrifices and Christians prayed a lot), the aim of those rituals was completely the same.

One more thing to compare is the place of honoring the gods. It was not a random location anywhere on the open air or in an enclosed space, but rather in sacred and sometimes even tabooed places. Romans had temples, a type of worshipping ground, where they commemorated their deities with the rituals. In Christian religion, there are churches for praying and getting benediction from a single and true God.

It does not matter, which religion people devoted their life to; whether they believed in one God or many, prayed in churches or in temples. We should remember that both religions played a great role in the society as well in the entire world.


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