The Great I Have a Dream Speech and Its Meaning

On August 28th, 1963, right before the March on Washington, Martin Luther King was asking for advice concerning the speech he was about to proclaim the next day.  And one of his advisors, Wyatt Walker, said that he should not use the lines where there was a mentioning of the “I have a dream” lines. On this day, on the steps of Lincoln Memorial, one of the most known speeches of the world for civil rights of the society has been proclaimed in Washington D.C. by Martin Luther King Jr.

That day in 1963 entered the world history as one of the days that honored and demonstrated strive for democracy in the country and led to inevitable changes that the society encountered.

End of Slavery is Not All that Is Needed

In his speech, King touches upon such vital issues as freedoms and rights of the people, mentioning that with the abolishment of slavery, the great struggle for the rights of African American people did not find an ending but continued to be one of the most burning issues in the sphere of human rights and freedoms. King emphasized that black people still were not free, bound with the prejudice and stereotypes. In his speech, Martin Luther King Junior spoke about the declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the way these documents became a guarantee and promise that all the people would receive their lawful liberties as well as life and happiness. Dr. King underlined that this was about all the people irrespective of their color of skin. Luther King strongly believed that the people of America should unite and stay tight together keeping away from divisions on the basis of racism or injustice and be like brothers.

A Dream of Luther Martin King Junior

In his speech, Dr. King pointed out his dream that was about the world and society where peace and love between the people would be in the first place, where men and women of all races would be friendly together. Beyond this, he insisted that the African Americans should not rest until all their rights and freedoms were recognized and granted according to the Declaration. He wanted America to become a state where every person would receive the fulfillment of rights and justice. Martin Luther King wanted to live in a country where people of a different skin color would be able to live in hotels and vote. He truly desired to see the kids, black and white, holding their hands and being judged by their deeds and not the color of skin.

His dream was of the equality, the initial notion of human creation, to become true and fulfilled in the life of the country he lived in and loved.


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