Running Out of Entertaining Speech Ideas?

No matter how cool some speech ideas and jokes are, they have one drawback – they get old. And sometimes you may feel tired while thinking of the new ones. Maybe you’ve already spent a lot of time looking for the new ideas to develop your narrative technique and having a hard time finding some unusual combinations that will make your audience explode. If so, you will find this article very useful, as it will list some new strategies that will surely safe you from the absence of ideas.  

One of the key things in choosing the most appropriate theme is going through the comprehensive list of entertaining speech topics. If you are looking for these topics at the present moment, you will find a good use for the following list:

  • Funniest jokes
  • Cool office jokes
  • Weird things of our world
  • Making fun of another language
  • Making fun of some political situation
  • Going to a blind date
  • Romance and relationships
  • Internet dating jokes
  • April fool’s day jokes
  • Making fun of strange cults (just make sure they’re not aggressive)

Improve Your Entertaining Speech

The more good jokes you will tell, the more appreciative your audience will become. For that, you shouldn’t have a single silly or outdated joke and know different tricks and tactics. Usually funny entertaining speech topics are chosen for social occasions. Take some time to prepare properly for such occasion. There are multiple ways that you can use to add humor to certain events: 

  • tell a scary story
  • add a joke (use the list above)
  • tell a ridiculous story from real life
  • discuss some actual events from a humorous angle
  • add a cool quotation

Don’t forget that entertaining is always about interaction with your audience. The main goal of entertaining speeches is to get your audience involved and make sure that they enjoy your performance. Jokes should be simple enough to understand, and give the audience an opportunity to relax and have fun.                


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These are the rules that you should know when giving an entertainment speech:

  • Keep it general. Generalize so that all people can understand, but not only the chosen ones.
  • Be ready. If you feel that your speech doesn’t have the desired effect, just leave the joke off.
  • Mind your manners. Know whom you are talking to. If there are children in the room, avoid adult humor.
  • Tell a dramatic life story. Most people like stories. Dramatic ones will spice your speech up.
  • Set right examples. See how geniuses work and learn from them (Steve Jobs, etc.).
  • Add visual effects. This will enhance the audience’s experience.
  • Do not get “too funny.” No matter how funny you can be, try to stay rational when joking.

With that set of ideas, tricks, and tactics, you can easily get the creative juices boiling and successfully prepare your next entertaining speech.


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