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Is Regulation Really Important and Necessary for Society?

It’s very hard to say exactly whether there are too many rules and regulations in the society or not, because all societies need to have certain forms of regulation for their functioning, although some regulations are not of the same value. Instead of making an attempt to decide whether society can be called over-regulated or not, we’d better look over the problem and see which regulations might be excessive and necessary.

Absurd Regulations as well as the Needed Ones

We may reflect on the first type of regulations that are called obsolete statutes. These forms of regulation remain in the legal code in spite of the fact that they are being rendered as obsolete since customs are always changing and new technologies appear. For instance, in Missouri, driving with the bear that is not in the cage and sits in your car is against the law. Other statutes are closely related to the period of history when common kinds of transport for people were horses as well as carriages. What is more relevant to the students of these days are the laws that are created in order to regulate moral behavior that concerns sexual acts, alcohol and drug use. A lot of these, especially those regarding what types of sexual acts are allowed among adults, are almost impossible to apply and seem to many people as a big limitation on what is considered to be a personal decision. However, certain laws, for example, against pedophilia are morally justifiable.

One more category of laws that are thought by many people as over-regulated are those that refer to marijuana, the alcohol use and other substances that lead to addiction and mind-altering. Most people would agree that some regulations are necessary, for example, those that forbid young children to access such types of substances. However, from the age when a person can make his/her decisions on their own, these laws become the matter of controversy. My personal point of view concerning this is that such kinds of substances are over- and under-regulated simultaneously.

The “Nanny State”

This is a famous British term that refers to the forms of regulations which are closely connected with lots of aspects of personal behavior and choice. Frankly speaking, people’s opinions about this issue differ regarding which specific regulations should be justified and which ones shouldn’t.

The above provided illustrations show that all regulations and laws in our society can be, on the one hand, beneficial and on the other hand, harmful. Some forms of regulation might be even absurd and superfluous, while others are really needed for the successful functioning of society. In particular areas, such as connected to health and safety, stricter regulations would be quite advantageous and desirable. For instance, it is very important that we consume safe food and drink safe water. However, in other spheres, laws may be intrusive and sometimes even harmful. All in all, our society cannot be simply called over-regulated or under-regulated.


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