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This paper approaches the case by first looking at the issues at hand, and then relate root causes to those issues. Further to it, it shall apply to frameworks, ‘Hewitt Best Employer Characteristics’ and ‘Web of Change’ to theoretically analyze the shortcomings or weaknesses in Infosys Human Resource and Change Management Policies. These two frameworks are useful to organizations in making their human resource and change management initiatives better (Smith, 1991).

The paper uses ‘Hewitt’s Best Employer Survey’, to establish the fundamental initiatives which the company should put in place to enable it to achieve the set objective of becoming best employer within a short period of time. The paper believe that ‘Best Performer’ and ‘Best Employer’ are achievable goals, and that it is difficult to achieve one without the other due to the complementary nature (Schneider, 1992).

Infosys is among the largest Indian IT software service companies. It is in the pinnacles of success after 20 years of operation; this is a result of innovative and creative, business strategies and human resource management. At the moment, the company is facing a lot of challenges, which revolves around balancing between business growth and employee satisfaction. Infosys delivers IT services to its clients who are spread in various parts of the world. It does so through a model known as GDM (Global Delivery Model) (Porter, 1985).

According to Nathan (2010), the distinguishing feature between this model and others is that it decouples client location as well as project execution. The execution of the project is through locations, which provide the best combination of talent and cost. The company has spread project execution teams across client site and offshore development centers in countries like china, India, and Mexico, which provide talent at competitive prices. These teams usually document requirements and manage the client relationship and offshore team manages delivery.

The Infosys Company has had a number of challenges in its operation, which have led to the restructuring and analysis of the human resource management strategies in the whole company. The number of employees is increasing steadily due to the increase in the scale of operations (Asakura, 2000). The increase is challenging the people philosophy that is a traditional phenomenon in the company. The company’s objective is to be the best employer or employer of choice for potential employees (Smith, 1991).

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One of the challenge that Infosys Company is facing is employee discontent. The company’s rapid growth and the skyrocketing number of employees leads to the disparity of expectations across the employee hierarchy (Asakura, 2000). There are two major troubling factors with the company’s growing size; the company has become more process-oriented, which is leading to increase in the rate of leveraging its experience to perform repeated projects. Employees are being deprived of the technical and creative ingenuity that is inherent in their work during the initial years of employment. The second problem is that employees think that Infosys is more impersonal and that most of the perks of the initial years are being repealed (Porter, 1985).

According to Schneider (1992), the Company has a mentality of installing certain values in employees and ensure that the management supports them to follow such values. The problem is with the execution of such values. Infosys is recruiting and hiring employees basing on their potential fit with the company’s culture and values; this is a challenge since the company faces resource constraints in the pursuit of growth. The company is quite large at the moment which makes it hard to instil the cultural values of the company in to employees. The diversity of employees is increasing each and every year; middle and senior managers are not in touch with the rapidly changing realities of employees at lower levels (Smith, 1991). The managers do not understand the frustrations of employees who are doing less interesting work than the managers and have not been richly rewarded by Infosys. The increase in number of employees makes it hard for managers to practice hands-on management approach; this leads to the increase in the delegation of duties, which is not effective in such an ambitious firm (Asakura, 2000).

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According to Smith (2000), the other problem that Infosys Company is facing is dealing with the increase in the employee turnover as well as handling the increase in scale of operations. This problem makes employees to reflect and realize that work is not enjoyable as they expect. This leads to the massive exodus of employees from this company to other multinational technology companies in India, which can offer employee satisfaction and good terms of service.

Infosys is facing challenges relating to efficient execution of work. The company is evolving, and clients are expecting greater efficiency and faster turnaround of projects; these demands are making the company to make many job offers across college campuses though the projects are not enough to keep everyone productive even during the downturn. This is causing employee frustration and increase in costs for the company since it has to pay for all the idle employees (Nathan, 2010).

Infosys Company through the management is admitting that there are quite a lot of problems that it has to address urgently. It is putting various measures and strategies in place in order to ensure that it continuous being the best performer and the best employer. The company has come up with the issue of variable pay. This is where employees are receiving payments based on their personal performance and that of the company at large. The aim of this initiative is to make Infosys more productive and competitive (Nathan, 2010).

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Broad-Banding is a strategy that Infosys is using currently; this means that employees must know their roles and where they want to move. This helps them to realize the gap between the dream position and current position thus making them to work hard. Promotion policy is now in place. It aims at recognizing an individual employee’s performance, the abilities to fulfil the next role, and the existence or need of that particular opening within the organization (Smith, 1991).

In addition to the above strategies and mechanisms, the company has to conduct a lot of research, which shall lead to new findings on how to handle the employees and make them more productive. The human resource management and change management teams have to put employee satisfaction into consideration to enable Infosys to be successful in the future (Asakura, 2000).

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