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Hardware and Software

•          Mobile technology devices described and examples given 

Mobile technology device is a means of communication which is used for cellular communication. Mobile phones started to use since 1980s. The first devices were expensive, uncomfortable and bulky. They perform only one function and it was to make calls on other mobile phones. During the next few decades the effectiveness and the design of these devices was significantly improved (Jarc 23). Today, they are accessible to the public and almost every person in the developed and developing countries has at least one or even few mobile phones. Nowadays, one can find a great variety of mobile devices such as smartphones, IPhones, tablet computers, PDA and others.

•          Mobile input/output devices described and examples given                       


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Mobile input/output devices are designed in order to give the additional options for a mobile device. To this category one may relate headphones which give an opportunity to listening to music or to communicate without hanging a phone near one’s head. Memory card is the additional source of free space on one’s mobile phone. USB cord is a means that connect a mobile phone with other electronic device such as a laptop in order to upload or download files on the computer or mobile device.

•          Mobile technology networks described and examples given                      

Mobile technology network is a wireless network which is available on the particular areas which are called the cells. The coverage area should have a special transmitter which provides the cell phones with a particular network. Today, a user of a mobile device may use 3G or 4G internet to receive the access to a global network.

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•          Networks described and examples given     

Network is a link of two or more electronic devices which are connected together by a network system. Nowadays, one can introduce many types of networks, but the most widespread are the following:

LANs – include the devices which are close to each other, for example, they can be located in the same building;

WANs – the devices are located far from each other and the connection is performed by radio waves or telephone lines;

HANs – a network within a house, where one device is connected to another;

•          Internet/Broadband described and examples given 

Internet was developed as a military program which goal was sharing information on big distances in a short period of time. Nevertheless, soon this program became available to the ordinary people and today Internet is used as a means of sharing, searching and spreading information among its users.

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•          Personal uses/impacts of mobile technology and examples given               

Mobile technologies receive a widespread usage among the average consumers. They are used in all spheres of life, beginning with a simple everyday communication and ending with a top-rank communication between the representatives of countries.  According to this fact, it can be said that the mobile technologies is an essential part of modern life which simplifies communication process between people and leads to the improvement of effectiveness in achieving the targeted goals. Without communication the sharing of information would be too slow and it would lead to loss of time and sometimes it is also a matter of life and death; for example, a person could not contact an ambulance and died because of blood loss.

•          Business uses/impacts of mobile technology and examples given              

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For business sphere mobile technologies are even more than essential. The whole business structure works only due to the possibility to make a fast communication.  Trading on stock exchange is the result of information exchange which is available due to the mobile technologies (Jarc 24). Selling and buying processes would be also impossible without fast communication; in fact businessmen could not establish the reliable relationship because there would not be control over the actions of their partners.

•          Identity theft explained and examples given                      

The disadvantage of the mobile technologies is the possibility of identity theft. The opportunities which one receives due to mobile communication may be used not only for the improvements of some social spheres of life, but also to cause harm to other people. For instance, identity theft which means that one may hack the data base with personal information and receive an access to somebody’s profile. When all information stored in non-electronic database, this crime was difficult to perform, but now one can do it from any corner of the world.

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•          Security issues explained and examples given                     

Mobile technologies make security system more effective.  Information about suspects can be transmitted immediately into any places in the world. According to this fact, the work of police becomes more effective. Moreover, the CCTV works due to the possibility of exchanging information. If communication was absent, one could not provide information about an emergency case and the criminals would not be found.

•          OHS and environmental issues explained and examples given       

The issue of environmental protection is used mobile technologies in order to introduce the scales of environmental problems for the wide auditory. One should realize that mobile communication is a fast means of sharing information between its participators. Hence, information is received immediately and it can reach more people at the same time comparing with other ways of information transmission.  According to this fact, one receives an opportunity to prevent the appearing of ecological disaster or to stop it on early stages due to the fast reaction.

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•          Globalisation in IT explained and examples given              

IT technologies made a significant step forward and the mobile communication’s contribution is one of its reasons. In fact, the process of globalization was much influenced by the mobile communication which has an impact on IT technologies.  IT programs receive an opportunity to be transmitted in the shortest periods of time. As a result it makes their development faster and more effective. For example, the computer network became the hybrid of IT technologies and the mobile communication.

Careers, Work and Jobs

•          Business software course included and analysed                

Business software is any type of software which is used by business users to perform necessary operations. As a rule the software applications are used to increase the productivity and make the business processes more effective.  Some of business applications are necessary to monitor events or situation, so the business users should not spend their time on these operations. Other business applications simplify the performing of certain obligations like banking operations or sharing of information.    

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•          Business job/career advert included and analysed              

Every person desires to make a successful career and to have a significant career promotion that will lead to a career advert. However, this process is durable and requires many efforts and hard work in order to achieve this goal. The majority of people believe that one can make a good career only if he/she works in business sphere because business job gives special opportunities and a promise to reach the top of a career ladder if one is good enough for this. However, the career advert does not relate only to business job and a person who has such qualities as hard working, reliability, confidence and risk-taking can achieve success in any kind of work. 

•          IT Code of Conduct described and examples given           

Code of Conduct is a set of rules and principles which are obeyed by employees who work in a particular organization.  IT Code of Conduct predetermines the obeying of additional rules such as the policy of personal information protection, the obeying of preventive measures, anti-hackers programs, the regular checking of the viruses’ database and others.

•          IT company liability described and examples given            

IT company liability predetermines the level of trust to a certain company. This aspect includes various factors such as the level of data protection, the trustworthy of employees and reliability of partners. The IT company should guarantee the protection of the partners’ information and provide the measures that will prevent the system break by hackers.

•          Multi skilling explained and example given             

Multi skilling means that an employee was trained in order to have different skills that can be used in various spheres of work. For example, an engineer-translator is a person who has knowledge in engineering, but he/she can also work with the foreign partners and explain the process of work. Hence, it is very useful for an organization because one person can perform the obligations of two employees at the same time; besides the work of such translator is much effective because he/she totally understands the principles of work.



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