Intermodal Transport

The intermodal transport has impacted on Europe in several ways; generally the impact is usually felt from the places where the transportation stars to where it ends, for instance, from where raw materials are found (mine places) to the processing plants. However, sometimes the same impact maybe felt when different products are transported from the processing plant to other factories which deal with collection and combination of several components and material and eventually come up with the final industrial products which are later transported and distributed to wholesales which later on distribute it to consumers through distribution centers.

The core negative impact of the intermodal transport is the air pollution which occurs when the transporting machinery emits smoke or soot which is harmful to the environment and majorly the health of human beings. In addition, the huge traffic jam or congestion on the roads during the entire process of transportation is a nuisance because both the passenger vehicles and tracks which transport both raw material and the final industrial products use the same road and as a result of this there has been health problems which are mainly caused by emitted gases from the transportation tracks and the manufacturing companies (Konings, 2008).

Several countries have taken the precaution measure of modernizing their transport network specifically the rail transport network (Bragdon, 1996). This is done to ensure that there is smooth flow of raw materials and goods and the movement of passenger vehicles. In addition, there should be a well established air and maritime transport to ensure that rail transport is fully backed up as this will serve the purpose of connecting countries with other international countries for easier transaction of business. On the other hand, the intermodal triggered the development of the inland transport which has proved to be very useful in terms of both transportation of goods to foreign countries and easing congestion on the roads



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