Differences between Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Elemento


This is an essay contrasting between two model of cars. These are the Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Elemento. These are two types of sleek and luxurious sports cars owned mostly by the elite and the wealthy members of the society, majorly in America and other developed countries. According to an article titled “Difference between Lamborghini and Bugatti” by Recomparison website 2013, Lamborghini has an Italian origin and was founded by a gentleman known as Ferruccio Lamborghini. The company was established in the year 1963 in a town called Sant Agata Bolognese, when Ferruccio was 47 years old. However, the company went bankrupt and was letter sold to the Chrysler car making company in the United States of America, but it is currently owned by the Audi AG Company of Germany. The same article also indicates that Bugatti was founded in France by a gentleman called Ettore Bugatti. After facing financial constraints the company was sold off and it now belongs to the Volkswagen group of car manufacturers.

Thesis Statement

The technical differences between Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Elemento model of cars.


The engine of Bugatti Veyron brand has sixteen cylinders and every cylinders has a total of four valves each (Simona, 2008). This counts to a total of sixty four valves and therefore making the engine more efficient even during acceleration. Lamborghini Elemento, however, has ten to twelve cylinder engines (Meiners, 2010).

Bugatti Veyron has a radiator which deals with waste heat that is generated from burning gasoline (Brian, 2013). On the other hand, the Lamborghini element has an internal air conditioner which maintains the interior of the car cool for it passengers (Volkswagen Automative Group, 2005).

Bugatti has seven gears which switch automatically as they are computer controlled (Brian, 2013), this makes the driving experience easy for its users. The Lamborghini elemento however, has six gears also which are computer controlled circuits and they switch automatically during acceleration (Volkswagen Automative Group, 2005).

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Bugatti engine has a cooling system composed of two circuits. One the circuits is large and has forty litters of cooling water while the smaller one also known as the low-temperature system has fifteen litters of cooling water. These systems a meant to keep the engine cool and at efficient operating temperatures (Volkswagen Automative Group, 2005). In order to cool the temperatures high exhaust temperatures of the Lamborghini elemento are exhaled by a V10 engine that's putting out a stonkin 570 horsepower in order to keep it cool (Korzeniewski, 2010).

Bugatti has a dual clutch system which is computer controlled and there is no clutch pedal for the driver to control manually while driving (Brian, 2013). On the other hand, Sesto Elemento is equipped with the e-gear six-speed automated manual transmission (Meiners, 2010).

Bugatti Veyron has a paddle driven and a computer controlled shifting system, one which is similar to the one found in formula one racing cars (Brian, 2013), while the Lamborghini element has a manually controlled shifting system.

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Despite of the differences, there are several similarities in technical features of the two cars. In the article by the Recomparison website 2013, Lamborghini and Bugatti are two major manufacturers of luxury speed cars.

Both mother companies of the two cars underwent financial crises and are now being sustained under the Volkswagen group and are currently being used for motor sports.

The two cars have the ability to apply engines power to all the four wheels as they are also able to harness the engines’ horsepower when they have fully accelerated (Meiners, 2010).

Both cars have got airbags for the driver and passenger. The airbags have been designed and fixed in order to protect their head during accidents (Brian, 2013). They are also equipped with a means of anticipating unwanted vehicle intrusion.

They also have ignition disable device that will prevent the engine from starting in cases where an incorrect original manufacturer keys are used (Meiners, 2010). Both cars also have a stability control which automatically senses when the vehicles handling limits have been exceeded and reduces engine power and applies brakes to help prevent the driver from losing control of the vehicle (AOL Autos, 2013).

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Despite the differences in their places of foundation, the two cars were designed by individuals of Italian origin. These two brands of cars are equally sleek and luxurious. They are technically designed in similar ways with slight differences to suit the needs of their user. They are both very fast with high acceleration ability. The safety standards of both cars are also high, for example, they both have seat belts and air bags which act as passenger protection during accidents. They are therefore world class cars meant for speed and safety.

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