Women in Science

Using the link we can go to the page that presents us with the development of nuclear reactors located in Idaho and Illinois. These reactors are used in commercial development of electricity from nuclear energy. They were built at Argon National Laboratories. Women have made outstanding contributions to the area of nuclear energy. Nowadays, it is a very important field in science as it has several uses raging from electricity generation to the powering ships and submarines. Women have had a fair share of contribution to this field of science. What is more, they get along with this work as well as men.

One of such women is Agnes Maria Gaetano, who formulated a curve popularly known as the living witch of Agnes. Nowadays, it is widely used in the field of mathematics. Elizabeth Blackwell studied medicine and was very successful. Moreover, the woman established a dispensary in New York City. Women have contributed a lot in science and technology and according to the statistics, a substantial percentage of women were the graduates of the medical and astronomy departments. Thus, the saying that “what a man can do, a woman can do it better” is confirmed.

Women have made outstanding contributions even to such complex fields as astronomy and nuclear energy. For instance, there are several women working with NASA, which is concerned with space exploration activities. Despite the fact that some cultures have grown to make women inferior and have low self-esteem, knowledge cannot be limited to the people of a particular gender. However, modern women are making significant contributions in science and technology all over the world. Nevertheless, women have to be encouraged to venture deeply in these fields. For example, the link http://research.umbc.edu/~korenman/wmst/links_sci.html shows that a small percentage of Australians, who enroll in such a field as engineering, are women, and men mostly participate in science related courses. It is apparent that women have contributed and continue to contribute a lot to the modern day science and technology. Moreover, they stand a good chance to dominate in this area in the near future.



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