Why I Admire Donald Trump

Given a choice of whether to love or hate Donald trump, many people will choose to loath him without even blinking and they have good reasons to do so. It is hard to ignore his obliviousness, unabashed celebration of his money plus the fact that he is so full of himself. However, if you take time to look beyond the arrogant, proud and self proclaimed man you will see that this tycoon lives by very profound principles which we all should borrow if we hope to be successful in life. Love or hate the man, Donald trump is and will continue to be ubiquitous on many world platforms. Trump is one of the best if not the best real estate profiles on the face of the earth. Forbes estimated his net worth to be about $3 billion to $7 billion. This definitely tells you that he must be doing something right and this is why I choose to ignore his personality and focus on his ideologies and what makes him an epitome of success. I would like to talk about principles that we can learn from Donald trump, sincerely speaking, if anyone can amass such success and wealth then he qualifies to be an inspiration.

Priceless lessons from Donald trump

  • The present should be your focal point

Trump is one person who has learned from the past and taken the lessons and ran with them. Most of us do not rise above our past mistakes and we let that dictate our future. To be the tycoon he is he has made very many mistakes, but he would not be where he is if he chose to stay there. The lesson here is to burry yesterday and focus on what you can do now to make tomorrow better. This ideology dictates that you focus all your energies on the present moment this way you will not duplicate your past in the future.

  • Learn from failure

One of trumps greatest quotes is “fail forward”. He says that if you lose a battle, you can find a new way on how to win the war. “It is better to try and fail than not to try at all, because in failing you have learnt one way how not to do things.” Business people and entrepreneurs need to learn that success is a process; it’s a journey and not a sprint. In due time, you will be grateful that you went through the tough times.

  • Think big

If you are going to think any way, you might as well think big. This is one of the greatest quotes from Trump. “little thinking” should be left for people who want to achieve little things. The road to success begins by thinking big (Wooten 40). Not many people are willing to leave their comfort zones and look into the horizon; in essence, this is where the line is drawn between successful and unsuccessful people. Stretch your mind and think beyond your present circumstances and the economic situation. Most people choose to blame the government and the economy for their problems instead of taking matters in their own hands and thinking against the grain.

  • Never compromise on quality

Quality is a very important word to Trump. In fact the reason why his buildings, clubs and projects do better that everybody else’s is because he never compromises on quality. He advises people to pursue excellence in what they do and success will chase them. He does not settle for mediocrity and this is why most people think he is arrogant but this is what has kept him at the very top.

  • Be passionate about what you do

According to trump, energy is a major ingredient for success. Energy is derived from having a passion. He advises people to follow their passion as this will give them the energy to accomplish their dreams. The problem with most people is that they try to find a balance between work and pleasure. However, there is a trick to killing these two birds with one stone by simply finding pleasure in what you do. Look for ways to make your work more fun and pleasurable. Take time to conduct research and add value to your daily duties so as to eliminate monotony which leads to boredom. It is much easier to achieve success by doing what you love.

  • Experience is priceless

Trump is quick to admit that experience has taught him a few things in life. The first is that

Experience is a present instructor that prevents us from making the mistakes of the past in the future. He says that people who wish to succeed should never underestimate the priceless lessons that are gained through experience. Indeed, you will get your hands dirty once in a while, but you should not focus on the mad, instead learn the lesson and move on.

Donald trump has continued to impart his wisdom to the world through “The Celebrity Apprentice” show.  A number of contestants apply and the public has a chance to watch. Many question his decisions and even criticize them, especially how he fires people, but once again, I choose to focus on the positive and write about lessons that can be learnt from the show

  • Stick to your guns

Trump is one man who understands that you cannot please everyone and he has just chosen to ignore his haters. In fact, before “The Apprentice” went on air he had been told it would never work. Those opposed to it said, that it was impossible to run a business show and expect significant returns. However, it did work and was the most watched show for several seasons. An invaluable lesson here is that, sometimes you need to ignore people especially those who tell you that you cannot make it. At times, I think that Donald trump greatest strength comes from his haters, I believe he derives his passion from this and goes out of his way to prove them wrong. 

  • Demonstrate leadership even if you are not in a leadership position

Trump believes that true leaders are those who stand out even if they are not in a position of power. This does not in any way mean that you try to take over from those in leadership. However, play your part and demonstrate that you are committed to your team. Throughout “the apprentice” we have seen Donald trump congratulate people who have stepped up by showing initiative and leadership skills.

  • Be responsible for your own actions

Whenever people make mistakes they try to pass the blame to someone else. This is largely the case with most contestants in “The Apprentice”. However, what most forget is that reputation is also very important. Trump believes that learning from your mistakes only happens effectively if you own up to them. This is the mark of a good leader, if this costs you your job, you are better off than that person who did not admit their mistakes since they are bound to catch up with him sooner or later.

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Indeed Donald trump will continue to be a controversial character, but let us give praise where praise is due. He is a successful entrepreneur and to me I choose to see the bigger picture and to echo ones of his quotes “it's very important that people aspire to be successful. The only way you can do it is if you look at somebody who is.” To me one such person is Donald Trump.



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