Pain and Grief as the Price for Love

To love is human as well as to err. The more sincere is love the more pleasure and harmony it brings. However, real love is impossible without sufferings and sacrifice. This essay is devoted to the reflections whether pain and grief are the equal price for love humans have to pay.

Once I read the Lewis’s quotation “Grief and pain are the price we humans have to pay for the love and total commitment we have for another person. The more we love, the more we are hurt when we lose the object of our love. But if we are honest with ourselves, would we have it any other way?” (1961). I was deeply touched by it as it recalled an old pain and sorrow which appeared after the death of my cousin’s grandmother. She was one of those kind women who could support and inspire with only her voice. Every her word, gesture, glance were filled with generosity, love and care. She was always close to me. One day she had gone… Even now it is hard enough to express the pain in my heart. I feel grief and sorrow not because this person does not care and comfort me but because I am not able to reward her love, kindness and sacrifice in a way I should.

There are several ways grief manifests itself. They depend on the human perception of the person one loves, the sensibility of one’s character and spiritual strength. Grief can be expressed via emotions, physical, behavioral and thought patterns. I remember how I felt myself broken down and was not able to think objectively. Now it is clear that it was a consequence of emotional shock caused by grandmother’s death.

Thus, it should be pointed out that grief and pain is a really expensive price for those we love. However, depression caused by falling apart or death is not a way out. Every person in everyone’s life appears not occasionally. They are given to teach us specific lessons about real love and harmonic relationships between people. Death is inevitable. Love is light that should not be darkened by any grief but transmissed and multiplied.



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