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Pepsi Advertisement

Recently, I watched a video on the internet, which was an advertisement promoting Pepsi. This advertisement started in an old town. A boy in a green shirt was walking on the street. He stopped in front of the soda vending machine and took one dollar to get a Coca-Cola; he was tall enough to press the button to get it. Then, he got the coke from the machine and put it on the floor in the front of his left foot. Afterwards, he took another dollar to get one more and put another on the floor in the front of his right foot. Next, he stepped on those cokes, which worked like a ladder for him to reach and put in one dollar to get a Pepsi. Now, he was tall enough to get the Pepsi. After that, he took the Pepsi, opened it and walked away without picking up the cokes he just bought. At the end of this commercial, an announcer says “The joy of Pepsi”. 

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This advertisement brings us the concepts of provocation and arrogance. Most people do not recognize that these are two risky ideas. However, provocation raises humans’ emotions and affects their minds, which makes them think in a negative way. Its main disadvantageous consequence is that people become hostile to each other; some of them may even carry out some extreme actions, such as destroying a public facility or hurting somebody else in the society. Besides that, arrogance is a sense of superiority, which shows an exaggerated opinion of one's own importance. Arrogant people are usually cruel to others because they do not care about their feelings. The snobs hurt others easily without knowing it. For example, they may use rigorous words people around can hardly tolerate. They are unable to communicate without causing differentiation and discrimination; this may directly affect life of our society.

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There were three meanings brought forth in the Pepsi commercial. The first one revealed how joyful it was to buy a bottle of Pepsi. This was illustrated by how happy the boy was when he finally got the Pepsi. This approach was significant in attracting customers and stimulating people to buy the product. Secondly, it brought up a message to audience in an implied way, which was showed in a moment when the boy walked away without taking the cokes he had bought. It seems like he trampled the product disregarding the rival soda company, Coca-Cola. It showed Pepsi’s attitude towards Coca-Cola, and the lack of sense of presence. This ad was deemed disrespectful concerning the Coca-Cola product, the company and their fans. Thus, it was banned from broadcasting on public television. This message can gradually change our minds; for instance, people may start drinking soda in public transport or in class, which is morally degrading. People doing this will end up disturbing others around them. Those people do not only confuse the society, but also unconsciously set themselves against the law.

The last action of the ad expresses arrogance. In the video, Pepsi seems to be self-centered; representatives of this company think they produce the most important soda with the highest ranking in the world. The boy in the ad stepping on the cokes like a ladder in order to buy Pepsi signifies coke as a means of getting what you were aiming for. To Pepsi, coke was just a tool. Also, using three dollars to buy a Pepsi but two dollars to buy two cokes shows what the Pepsi-Cola Company thinks about their goods and the level of value they provide. Pepsi looks like it is the best in the world and does not care about anyone’s feelings; it can even take advantage of other brands in those ads. What is more, people might end up thinking in the same way about Pepsi as displayed in the ads. Obviously, such adverts instill a negative message in the audience and make them act wrongly. People might probably decide to perceive themselves as gods and use that assumption to force others listen to their ideas, and, perhaps, change their minds. A child watching television is like a sponge absorbing water. If the adverts being shown on everyday television are a display of arrogance and bigotry, the society will soon be filled with bigots and arrogant people, which means that the future is endangered by these kind of ads. If ten years later, a child who watched this advert meets another person who believes that coke is a better drink, the former will not listen to the argument presented by his/her counterpart. He/she will hold on to his/her beliefs and even become violent since another person does not have any argument as to why his choice should be superior instead. However, if the advert had been informative, then the Pepsi fan would have a basis for a reasonable argument.

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Most people do not care about how aggressive the Pepsi ad is; they are only concerned by how impressive or interesting such kinds of advertisements are. Nobody would feel antipathy when Pepsi provoked Coke in the ad; what is more, many may welcome the fun of Pepsi taking advantage of coke. If people are still not attentive to the harmful aspects of an advertisement, it might end up brainwashing their consciousness while also exposing our society to potential danger.

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