Living the Gospel Life

The conference of the United States bishop revealed that the United States clerical and mundane communities are nowadays seriously deviating from the commandments imposed on us by Jesus Christ himself and other church authoritative powers. The problems have been identified almost in all spheres of the United States public and private spheres of the life. It is highlighted in the article that while common church values are publicly valued and praised, the course of the United States government clearly indicates that nowadays the activity promoted by the United States official authorities is not fully consistent with the Christian way of life.

In particular, the military forces of the United States are urged to be more scrupulous while conducting military operations and always to show Christian mercy and lenience towards those, who have been defeated by them or who are subjected to be defeated by the official government of the United States of America.

The government of the USA is urged to follow a Gospel consistent political course. In particular, it is highlighted that the political powers of the United States of America shall be preoccupied not only without the general well-being of the country exclusively, but the interests and the welfare of the citizens are to be considered as well.

Moreover, it is reported in the conference paper, that the majority of the United States common citizens are fundamentally deviating from the postulates of the Gospel. They are strongly recommended to turn back to the Christian way of life. In particular, it is focused that the people almost ceased to donate to the needs of the church and to help to subsist those, who are in need.

Overall, the message of the article is that the only way of salvation for the USA mundane and clerical communities is the scrupulous observance of the Gospels Commandments.



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