Family Cruise to Mexico

During the previous summer my family had a perfect opportunity to go to the Caribbean cruise, Mexico. This is the cruise that takes through the awesome Caribbean blue water, snow-white sand beaches and various ancient ruins that can charm everyone for the rest of their lives.

The usual route goes along the Yucatan Peninsula. Probably, the most interesting part for the family was to experience the ruins of the ancient civilization. The cities that were of particular interest are named Merida, Cancun, Chichen Itza, and Tulum. When my family gained the possibility to explore Merida, it became obvious that this is the largest city that has such a huge number of inhabitants that are of the Maya ethnicity. The Mayan culture is visible in clothes, speech and even food of people living there. We observed that almost every third was using the Mayan language and it should be said that it is very euphonious; however, sometimes the consonants seem exaggerated. The most important historic site that my family visited there is the Cathedral de San Ildefonso. It is very special because it is constructed on the former Maya temple and the guide told that the stones of the Maya temple were used for its construction. This cathedral is perceived as a symbol of reconciliation of Spanish and Maya legacy. The next city my family traveled to was Cancun. This city is widely hailed as Riviera Maya. My family was told that its name is of Mayan origin and it can mean ‘The throne of the Snake’. The city is full of various Mayan archeological zones. My family decided to visit one place named El Meco. This place is very small, there are only several ruins, one cooperatively small pyramid and columns and people are not allowed to come very close to them or climb them to make photos. The family really liked the place, because it was quite peaceful contrary to all other places that were filled with tourists and it was impossible to feel the atmosphere or to peacefully walk there. The most interesting part was a visit to Chichen Itza. This is one of the largest Maya cities and it is definitely one of the most mystical places. The main pyramid called the Temple of Kukulkan is one of the world’s wonders, it has huge steps; however, people are not allowed to climb them any more, which is a great pity. It was very interesting that the explanations were in English, Spanish and even Mayan languages. Near the pyramid people can see the Great Ball Court, which was created for the ancient ballgame. The last city that my family visited during the cruise was the walled major port of Coba, this city was the last one, which was built and inhabited by Mayans. Tulum looks gorgeous because from the one side it is protected by the steep sea cliffs and on the other side it has a very high wall. As my family was already tired of the archeological places, we did not dedicate so much time to the temples. Thus, we decided to go to the beach, where we were explained how the trading canoes were going through the sea stiffs and various reefs.

It was not a long family cruise; however, my family tried to saturate it with a lot of activities, archeological places and totally new, unknown information. The impressions of the vacation are excellent and the remembrance of this cruise will remain in the memory for the rest of the life.



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