Nuclear Shelter

Nuclear shelters are defensive military fortifications that are designed for the purpose of protecting the inhabitants of a country or jurisdiction from falling radio-active detonating devices. In most cases, these shelters are underground, and this strategy proves to be effective since the soil surrounding the walls of these shelters acts as further reinforcement against radiations. In America, a significant number of these shelters were constructed during the First World War, the Second World War, as well as the Cold War. In the past, the shelters have been used to shelter individuals from extreme weather conditions, and these include tornadoes and other violently destructive occurrences. The present catastrophe resulted after a substantial amount of nuclear attacks were targeted on America.

The United States of America has suffered massive levels of destruction to infrastructure, shelters, as well as the environment. Millions of people are confirmed to be dead, while million others have suffered injuries to varying degrees. The tragic developments have increased scarcity of nuclear shelters as many have been destroyed, and those that have remained cannot accommodate everyone. Furthermore, many of the shelters were designed to accommodate a specific number of people, and exceeding this number may in effect compromise their safety. One such scenario is a case where there are eight occupants in a shelter that is meant to hold five people.

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Since these are desperate times, tough decisions have to be made; even in situations where these decisions do appear to be unconventional. In this case, three people have to be released so as to enhance the chances that five of the remaining occupants survive. Such arrangements are normal procedures when a society is faced with such dangers. For instance, the British government made similar choices when the Nazi regime in Germany threatened to invade the island during the Second World War.

Occupants of the available nuclear shelter will be selected based on their future contributions after the war has ended. Factors under consideration include age, the status of health, the level of patriotism, career. Another important factor is the sex of the individuals in question. Taking the national decision into account, the decision to release Mrs. Wright, Mr. Lynn, and Mr. Scott is the one that is the most appropriate in this case.

Mrs. Wright does not possess the exceptional qualities that are needed to help in reviving the country from destruction. She is excessively disoriented by emotions, and the fact that she has been a housewife means that she will most probably be on the receiving end. Furthermore, Mrs. Wright is not in a position to offer assistance to the group should such an occasion arise. Her health is also not promising; and despite having graduated from college, there are others in the group who appear to have the capacity to contribute much more than her.

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Despite of him being the oldest in the group, Dr. Lopez ought to be spared from the expulsion. He is a well-mannered male adult who is of good health. Being a medical doctor means that he has been trained on how to cope with traumatizing situations, and this would enable him to deal with his mild claustrophobia in an effective manner. Moreover, he is in a position to assist any of the occupants who may suffer from physical or mental problems during the period that they remain confined. At 40, Dr. Lopez does also have a chance of getting married, and he can have multiple children. On her part, Miss Red has been retained due to her pregnancy, the fact that she has a career, as well as due to her age. She is young, and this is advantageous since she can be encouraged to have several children.

As a young healthy woman, Miss Candy ought to be retained in the shelter. Furthermore, being a registered nurse means that she can assist Dr. Lopez in case of an emergency. Her drug problem is likely to be eliminated during the course of their confinement since drugs will be unavailable. In any case, this shows that she is rarely distressed by challenges in life. Identifying herself as a Muslim is an indication that she appreciates the existence of a divine deity. This is one of her characteristics that would enable her to cope with the unveiling situation.

The decision to release Mr. Lynn is based on the fact that there are two men whose characteristics are better than his. Lopez is a doctor, and his role cannot be underrated; especially in the present crisis. The role that father Tom plays is important as he keeps the group motivated. In addition to his criminal record, Mr. Lynn does not have extra-ordinary characteristics that would instigate his retention at the facility. A similar case applies to Mr. Scott. Mr. Scott is a young and vibrant professor at the university. Mr. Lynn is a communist sympathizer and an atheist, and this means that he would misuse his knowledge of philosophy in tearing the group apart instead of bringing the individuals closer together.

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The decision to save Nancy is based on the fact that she is young; and with proper upbringing, she can offer a substantial amount of help and support towards nation building. After the present crisis has been managed, the society is expected to focus on the future. A lot of Nancy’s responsibilities are in the future. Since she is in good health, there are no compelling reasons why she should be expelled from the nuclear shelter. Father Tom is expected to facilitate the emotional bond between the occupants of the nuclear shelter. They are bound to suffer from emotional distress, and this is why the presence of father Tom is important. He has also being retained because he has indicated that he would get married.

In conclusion, it is imperative to note that no one is destined to die as a result of their physical, mental, or any other form of characteristics. Every individual is important; and were it not for dire situations such as this one, nothing should warrant any act that would expose a human being to danger. Nevertheless, there are circumstances which make such decisions as expelling an individual from a nuclear shelter to be absolutely necessary. While faced with such dilemmas, the most appropriate way of getting over them is to make ethical decisions which basis is to advance the welfare of the society.

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