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The Changes of My Language

In this essay I will describe the changes of my language in different social groups, which I face in my everyday life. It is not a secret that every intelligent person understands the meaning of using the proper vocabulary on the basis of what kind of people you are talking with. Your language as well as your clothes can describe you without any presentation; the successful people understand it and behave in a proper way. This work will represent my point of view on this matter and some of the examples of using different kinds of vocabulary in my own life.

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The first social group is the peers: classmates, friends and just people of the same age. This social group is supposed to be easier to communicate, because peers feel free and can avoid some scientific vocabulary or high society language. It does not mean that people use only slang or some vulgarisms within this group people, but it is just simple language. Talking about myself, I prefer to differentiate all my friends to male and female ones, because I am trying to be polite to girls and not to use those words, which can hurt them (for example, “chick”, “hot number”, etc). With my guy friends, of course, I am using “male” vocabulary (“dude”, “bro”, “you are nuts”, “idiot”, “dolt”, “damn”, etc). I think it is quite normal using such lexicon with people, who you are feel free to talk about your problems and secrets, it is even easier to explain the problem to your friend with the help of slang, because itis not a description of some philosophical or linguistic issue in the class.

The second group is my family. Very often I am catching myself on the idea that “this” or “that” word is improper, even through I am an adult person. My parents taught me to respect them and the rest of the older people, so I really think before saying something. Believe me, they perfectly know that I am using “bad” words, but they are pleased that I am not doing it at home. I am even more delicate with my grand-parents; I am using some polite vocabulary (“cheerfully”, “I beg my pardon”, “indeed”, “gorgeous”, etc). I am using complex sentences, inversions and passive voice. My relatives are very intelligent and polite people, so I follow their example and speak with them on the same level, of course, sometimes it is even difficult, because instead of using a simple sentence I must use a complex one, but this type of communication helps me in my college life with the professors and during writing some scientific research.

Now I would like to proceed to the last group, which I wanted to describe, which is the teaching staff. Talking about this social group I want to mention the article “R U Able to Meat Me: the Impact of Students’ Overly Casual Email Messages to Instructors” by Keri K. Stephens, Marian L. Houser and Renee L. Cowan. This very work is about out-of-classroom communication between students and instructors and about peculiarities and problems which appear during the course oof this communication. This article explains brilliantly that technological progress, by all means, gave us a lot of food for thought and caused a great number of new scientific researches and studies; old topics and themes were transformed into new ones, the ones, which are based on the nowadays innovations, such as,  for example, a new style of communication – e-mails and mobile messages, especially if we talk about such type of communication between teachers and professors and their students. The article was written to explain the main mistakes and rules of out-of-classroom communication between students and professors. Unfortunately, students think that they can write the e-mails to the teachers in the same way as they do it with the same age people (friends, classmates, etc.), but that is not right, moreover that is rude and tactless. Students simply must remember that teacher even after classroom time stays a teacher, and he or she expects that students culture and etiquette exist after the classes too. Students should remember that overly casual emails can play a nasty trick on them. I understand those etiquette rules and subordination, so I am using only proper vocabulary, intonation and the way of behaviour, that is not the place where you can set your language habits free. These people give you knowledge, so you must be tactful and respectful.

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Yes, my vocabulary depends on the social group, but still I am trying to use proper words, I watch over the stress in the words and the proper intonation, because our language is an important key to lots of doors in our life.

Custom The Changes of My Language essay

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