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German Shepherds and Domestic Short-hair Cats

The German shepherd is a relatively new breed of large-sized dogs. This breed was developed in Germany, and it dated back to approximately 1899. This breed belongs to the Herding Group, and the dogs of German shepherd breed are known to be working dogs. These dogs are remarkably strong, intelligent, and obedient, that is why they are usually used to help the police. Originally, however, they were developed to guard and herd the sheep. The loyal and protective nature of these dogs made them one of the most popular breeds. On a contrary to that breed, the Domestic short-hair cats do not belong to any particular cat breed. The Domestic short-hair cats are the result of lots of generations of mixed breeding of various types of cats. First cats of this type came into the USA together with the Pilgrims. They have only one thing in common – all these cats have a short sleek coat; the color, shapes, and sizes can be different, though. However, these cats are considered the most popular ones in the USA today. Generally speaking, German shepherds are considered exceptionally intelligent dogs and, in the battle ‘cats vs. dogs’, they are believed to be more loyal and smarter than the Domestic short-hair cats. 

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The fact is that German shepherds were developed particularly to be intelligent and this made them so popular. This breed was ranked to be on the third place for the intelligence skills: it follows Border Collies and Poodles. It is widely hailed that these dogs can learn any simple task only within five repetitions; moreover, almost all of these dogs obey already after the first command. That is why this breed is so commonly used in various police researches and rescue operations. They can extremely quickly learn the tasks and interpret different instructions in the correct way. These dogs are very attentive to details, and they will try to follow all of the directions; German shepherds always listen to their masters: they come when they are called, regardless the distance between them and the master.

German shepherds are extremely loyal. These dogs bond really strongly to their family from their puppyhood. They will always try to ensure that their family is safe; this feature makes them quite wonderful guard dogs. These dogs are getting so used to their masters that it is almost impossible for them to forget their owner. German shepherds are the most popular dogs in the stories about dog’s loyalty. The last commonly known story is about the dog named Tommy, who was coming every day to the mass in the church where the funeral of his owner was held. The dog was simply waiting for the master to come back home. Tommy used to attend the mass with his owner Marie and everyone could notice how much devoted the dog was. The dog would always sit silently by the side of the altar, and no one heard a single bark from him or complained about the dog. This story shows that the owners should be very condemned to the dog. Their affection requires a lot of responsibility. The other example might be the story about the dog that is known to be the most loyal dog of the decade. This German shepherd disappeared right after his master’s funeral. The family did not take the dog to the cemetery on that day. A week later, when some relatives were attending the cemetery, they were astonished to see the dog that was lying near his master’s grave. People were amazed, because it was second to impossible to explain how the dog had found the place. The dog named Capitan had been coming to the grave every night by 6 p.m., and stays to sleep there for seven years already. There are no stories about dogs of other breeds that can depict such loyalty and faithfulness.

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Domestic short-hair cats depend a lot on their temperament, which can be really hard to predict. Every cat has its own personality, as a human does. Some of the cats might be quite goofy and silly; however, some of them tend to be highly intelligent. These cats like to play hide-and-seek, as they have a very curious nature. These animals can easily learn how to imitate people, what means that they will be able to open the doors by hitting the handles or jumping on them. These cats also have a broad understanding of the human voice and vocabulary; they will easily grasp when something is wrong with the owner on the basis of both verbal and non-verbal communication and commands.

These cats are generally more sociable and friendly if to compare with other breeds. The level of independence differs from cat to cat, though. These cats might be very devoted: some of them will tend to sleep with the owner and meet people in front of the door after the long day of loneliness, and some will stay quite restricted in their affection. Domestic short-hair cats are not likely to socialize very much with other animals and strangers. If someone new comes to the house, they will not approach a person or allow petting them. Guests might not even notice the cat at all. Some cats can even growl on people or animals that are approaching them, showing that they have no mood to make friends. These cats are not very good with smaller animals; however, they really like to play with children. Some of them are thought to be quite arrogant and too much independent, though. Generally speaking, cats are more independent, and they prefer to lead their private lifestyle.

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To conclude, it is obvious that dogs are commonly known to be more loyal and dedicated to owners than the cats are. Cats are said to be attached to the place and comfortable conditions; however, there are always exceptions. German shepherds can be confidentially named the most loyal dogs -  their life becomes meaningless without their owners, and it is almost impossible for them to acknowledge the other person as their master. The cat’s loyalty depends on their temperament, so people can never know when they take a small kitten if it shows any affection and faithfulness in the future. Domestic short-hair cats are considered to be very smart; nevertheless, German shepherds are used to help the police in various investigations, they are one of the best drug searchers. They can learn the instructions within less than five repetitions, and these dogs are almost the most obedient ones. It is evident that, in this battle between German shepherds vs. Domestic short-hair cats, dogs gain convincing victory as being smarter and more loyal animals.

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