Creating a Safety Culture at Custom Transportation

When an accident happens, it makes people surprised. However, in reality many accidents can be avoided. A safe environment within an organization requires willingness of every person to change their attitude and the way they think, as well as create policies and practices that can help to incorporate safety for prevention, education, and awareness. When the company reduces or eliminates accidents, it saves money for individuals, relatives, and the company at large. Therefore, the commitment of the top management, the way they handle, care about, and become concerned with risks should enhance a good safety culture in an organization.  In line with this vision, the paper will look at the implementation of directives by the CFO, benefits of the wellness program, and challenges in safety and health, as well as how to address AIDS in the workplace.

CFO Directives Implementation

To solve the issue relating to safety and accidents in the company, long-term planning is needed. It is important for the company to provide employees with various tips concerning workplace safety. This can be done by providing trainings, as well as instruction on how to handle various equipment (Lepak & Gowan, 2010). Besides, it is important to invite OSHA in order to provide the company with consultation services and establish health programs and safety in the workplace.

Absenteeism of the staff during the weekend and the start of weeks needs to be addressed with seriousness it deserves. Measures should be taken to ensure that there is a good regulation of employees’ attendance. One should ensure that absence requests are made early in advance to regulate the number of people taking the leave and ensure there is a valid reason for absenteeism. Moreover, it is important to propose benefits that accommodate personal needs of employees in terms of sick leave, vacation, and holidays together with a clarification that for an employee to become entitled to the benefits, he or she would be required to be at the workplace on a full-time basis (Mathis, Jackson, & Valentine, 2015). This would ensure that employees are not absent from the workplace often, which, in turn, makes them committed and loyal to the company.

To reduce compensation of workers, dealing with the root cause of problems in the workplace is paramount. For example, Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD) is related to a person having the same nature of work for a long time and, therefore, one should address this problem by ensuring there is job rotation in the workplace (Lepak & Gowan, 2010). Besides, a wellness program needs to be encouraged in order to improve health and safety of employees. Still, with respect to compensation, more investigations can be carried out to inquire if the claims are authentic (Roughton & Crutchfield, 2013). This is because many people make false claims and get away with them.

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Instruction of the CFO that calls for the dismissal of an employee suffering from AIDS is not a solution. This issue needs to be addressed by ensuring that safety of other employee has been taken care of. At the same time, there is a need to ensure that the company has also taken care of the sick employee (Mathis et al., 2015). Apart from that, it is good to make sure that there are equal participation and coordination in the workplace in order to make these employees courageous when working.

To impart a culture of safety in the warehouse, space should be enlarged to ensure the passage is sufficient in size and allow efficient handling and management of materials. Items that are available in the warehouse should be packed and arranged according to their sizes. This will help to ensure that heavy items are not piling over the lighter ones (Mathis & Galloway, 2013). Moreover, it is important to make sure that every employee is serious about his or her personal security, group security, and that of the workplace at large.

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Benefits of the Wellness Program

The wellness program is useful for this company in many ways. Many problems such as injuries and absenteeism in the workplace are linked to health and safety issues of employees and can, in turn, increase the cost of insurance (Lepak & Gowan, 2010). To solve this problem, the wellness program helps improve health and safety of employees and reduce the cost of the health insurance because it identifies workers who are at risk, while promoting fitness and health programs that may be lacking in the company (McKinnon, 2013). It does this by encouraging people to go to the gym and visit the doctor to check if they have a serious illness. 

Challenges in Safety and Health Program Implementation

The biggest challenge that comes with increased safety and health at this facility will concern employees with disabilities and the older ones. With respect to employees with disabilities that the company may have already hired, there will be a challenge of retaining and accommodating them because they require to be provided with equipment that includes lifts (Mathis & Galloway, 2013). Concerning aging workers, the company should be willing to make an adjustment to cater for more special needs because many of them may have some problems with their physical form.

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Another challenge is that being a company that transports and supplies medical equipment, it should ensure that it maintains a clean workplace and protects materials from contamination. Since the company has increased its workforce, it should also ensure that it often increases the office space, safety equipment, and tools, which is a situation that can become a nightmare. However, the real challenge comes with training employees on how to remain healthy (Mathis & Galloway, 2013). This is because the attitude and the way people think is different from the way they actually behave and some of them may not change their conduct or may fail to adapt to new measures. 

Addressing AIDS in the Workplace

The issue of an employee with AIDS can be addressed in many ways. It is essential that people are motivated to live longer by encouraging them to have healthy thinking and behavior. Equality in the workplace should be enhanced by making sure nobody is given special treatment unless the need arises. This can make people with AIDS realize that they are just like other employees. However, awareness should be raised to ensure that other employees respect rather than avoid them. Besides, these people should not be fired, yet the company should become more accommodative by moving them to another department where they will feel more comfortable when they are working (Mathis et al., 2015). Moreover, one can make an effort to convince the CFO that getting rid of an employee because of his or her medical condition is not in the best interests of the company. The CFO should be reminded that it is not ethical because it violates the employment act.


In conclusion, many accidents in the workplace can be prevented if measures have been put in place to ensure there is a safe environment. Poor safety planning has led to the emergence of numerous issues that need to be addressed. These issues include absenteeism, increase in the number of accidents, and compensation of employees among other things. The wellness program in the company is beneficial because it improves health of employees and saves the company from issuing compensations. However, issues such as the presence of people with disabilities and senior employees, as well as attitudes of employees have created challenges relating to safety and health and, thus, the management needs to be aware of them. Employees with AIDS should not be fired, but instead they should be accommodated and treated like any other person.

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