Effective Management of Organizations in the United Arab Emirates

Total quality management is an integral terminology of management for continuously bettering the quality of products and processes. Big institutions and business organization around the world apply this concept in order to stay in the market. Otherwise, the stiff competition would be a fantastic concern among different players.

In the United Arab Emirates, in which colossal multi-billion dollar business organizations exist, total quality management is an excellent, salient aspect of any organization. The banking sector and energy industry, among other fields of commercial as well as non-commercial interest, do implement policies that seek to embed total quality management into organizational structures.

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Abu Dhabi National Oil is one of the leading companies in the world’s oil market. Its shareholding consists of the UAE government’s 60% per cent share, 14%u2154% shareholding owned by BP, 13%u2153% share held by Total and the remaining 12% in the hands of JODCO. The company’s achievements rely heavily on its technical support division’s operational capacity that is exceptional, and the integrity management approach.

Essentially, Total Quality Management implementation anchors Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s successes, to a great extent, by the emphasis the leadership accords the concept of, and implementation of Total Quality Management. This occurs effectively because of the organized operation of leadership roles. Their top management comprises of the Chief Executive Officer with six vice-presidents. Health, Quality assurance, and safety are the key ingredients of the entire organizational structure that help the company reach its extraordinarily high standards. This is evident as seen with the company’s presence and influence in the oil business worldwide.

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Most organizations in the UAE, especially, the service industry institutions, do as yet appreciate the role of total quality implementation. Perhaps, this is because of some degree of ignorance in respect of the concept’s benefits. The organizations would certainly gain substantial competitive advantage in their areas of specialization by implementing this management strategy. This is because of the concept’s unbelievable magic to raise customer satisfaction with high quality products and highly effective organizational processes.

Like the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, other organizations in the UAE need to embrace hi-tech service operation in place the traditional to meet the increasingly high demands of the modern customer; they require more calculative strategies than the usual reactive approach to aid managerial functionalities. This would be the implementation of the market model of business that nowadays enjoys monumental appreciation in almost all fields of any business setting. Customer interests must always come to the fore, and then products should be made appropriately. Cost-effective measures are mandatory as a realistic way of handling any business. That means companies must guarantee customer satisfaction and employ cost effective measures within their organizations.

From the article, it is apparent that service-based industries, like the banking sector, direly need to apply Total Quality Management concepts in their day-to-day running of their affairs. It is also clear that organizations in the UAE lack behind in terms of operational efficiency and management effectiveness. It is the time now for such organizations implement Total Quality Management policies in order to keep with customer demands and cope with the high competition in the market. This is the new way to go; more productive than the traditional ways of handling management policies and up-to-date, with prevailing modern trends.

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United Arab Emirates is a region of high economic potential. There is a need to have structural alignments in all organizations and make efforts to ensure maximum benefits from the services they offer. Strategic management is vital for the realization of such positive results, and Total Quality Management is the concept to think about, preach to all people and implement at each level of the organization’s administrative area.  

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