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Table Setting

One of the first tasks is to create a setting that is elegant, cozy and ethereal. The requirement is gigantic tables, which can seat 500 people, each table to seat 100 people. The podium staging of the tables is in the center with eight-foot-by-32-inch tables arranged around the edge. The staging provides a solid and strong base for the centerpieces, and the tables provide a comfortable and clean place for the guests’ place settings. To make the tables more attractive, it is suggested to assemble a collection of Lucite museum stands, large scale white and blue containers and clear vases. Some containers should be filled with red roses or yellow flowers, while others are left empty along with their lids. To create coziness, small glass votive candles can be placed around the tables. The tables should be covered with white linen tablecloths. Table appointments should be arragnged appropriately with plates placed on clean hemstitched white linen napkins, two knives and a spoon on one side of a plate and three forks on the other side of a plate, and two wine glasses and a water glass for each guest. Dinner should be served on white plates placed on woven wicker trays.

Lighting decoration

Lighting in the room needs to be delightful so that it does not bring an irritating or blinding effect on the guests. Spotlight should be used on most decorative elements, and the lighting system should suit colors of the décor. For a pleasing decorative effect, a mist machine should be used in combination with the red lighting.

The cocktail bar should have basic mixers and liquors, such as whiskey, white and red wine, vodka and rum. Bottle opener, corkscrew and necessary bar tools need to be placed in middle of the table. Wide selection of fruit juices should be provided as well.



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