Clothing Choices and General Appearance when Having a Job Interview in a Traditional Company for Young Female Interns


The way one dresses portrays so much about their character. What you wear will communicate a lot about who you are as a person. It, thus, becomes imperative that fashion is given a lot of priority. People judge others depending on what they wear. As such, in every occasion, it is critical for one to dress in a decent way in order to portray the right message to those they interact with. Nevertheless, the most critical time when one has to really be concerned about their dressing is during job interview. In whatever job one attends an interview; they are going to be judged by how they look.

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First Impression Matters

It is all about first impressions. One way through which you impress your potential employer is through dressing right for an interview. Thus, your appearance communicates so much to those you interact with. Here, before one speaks, people will see how they have dressed and make conclusions about their character. Consequently, it is critical to consider appropriate dressing as an essential factor during a job search. In business, cost minimization gives a firm a competitive advantage over rivals. Similarly, in job search, an appropriate dress code creates an impression that compliments one’s credentials. Eventually, this gives one an extra edge over other candidates who applied for the same job.

For young female interns in a traditional industry, they should follow the laid down standards of professional dress code. Here, traditional industries could include teaching, banking or consulting. On the other hand, it is important to remember that the dress code in fields such as fashion, entertainment, arts or advertising is more relaxed compared to the traditional industries. The laid down dress code standards in the field in which you are being interviewed should guide you on how to dress during the interview. Doing research on the company where you will be interviewed helps. Through the research, one gets to understand what that particular company stands for, as well as its policy as far as dressing is concerned, and the current employees’ dress code. After this, you will be better positioned to decide on what outfit you need before appearing for the interview. Ultimately, a research is essential in enabling you put on whatever fits well within the company’s culture. The bottom line here, when it comes to the choice of attire, is to make one appear polished, as well as professional. In order to achieve this, dress to look tidy and neat.

As young female interns being interviewed, always remember to avoid being too flashy. During an interview, it is an opportunity to demonstrate to your potential employer that they are about to hire someone who is honest, responsible and trustworthy. This will be achieved through getting the correct attire for the interview. In order to avoid being too flashy while being interviewed, young female interns should be a bit conservative on the use of jewelry, funny hairstyles and makeup. Wear minimal makeup. One should keep herself simple by avoiding extremes of color and style during the interview. The hairstyle should be professional. Additionally, they should keep their nails clean and well groomed through unnecessary use of polish color. This, too, goes for finger nails which should be neatly manicured. In case one has earrings, it is advisable to always use not more than one set. Things like facial piercings are to be avoided during a job interview.

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A potential employer looks to hire someone who is professional and authoritative at the same time. By demonstrating such a character, one hired can then be seen as being capable of handling any crisis that could emerge. In this case, it is advisable for ladies to appear for an interview while dressed in a suit. For instance, one should dress in a black, navy or dark grey suit while attending a job interview. To add on this, skirts worn should always cover one’s thighs while they are seated. One has to comfortably sit down in the skirts they are wearing. Nice fitting skirts make one look chic and professional while they are standing.

On the other hand, skirts should not be too narrow but rather good enough to allow one freely climb stairs while on duty. Furthermore, a calf length skirt can have a slit to the knee that facilitates not only walking, but also while climbing stairs. Of essence here, therefore, is for ladies to ensure that what they wear during an interview should reinforce their image rather than act as a distraction to those interviewing them. Moreover, in order to coordinate nicely with the suit being worn, a tailored blouse is necessary underneath the suit jacket. Do not wear a blouse that shows too much skin to your interviewers. This could act as a distraction. More so, always avoid dresses, as well as sleeveless tops while dressing for a job interview. In case one is using new clothes, it is vital for them to remove tacking stitches, as well as external tags.

As for shoes, the young female interns should avoid extremes while dressing for an interview. The best shoes to wear are the closed-toe pumps. Ladies must ensure that shoes worn are well polished and clean. However, depending on the shoes they wear, one should be able to walk comfortably in order to portray a professional appearance. Moreover, carry a small but simple purse. This is in cases where one has not carried a small briefcase too. On the other hand, it is advisable to carry only a leather briefcase, if indeed one has to do so. Use a perfume sparingly, if you have to, though it is not necessary in many cases. Normally, odors on clothes act as a distraction during interviews. Additionally, some panelists could be allergic to particular types of cologne hence the need to avoid the same. 

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Despite this, young female interns could encounter conflicts that essentially center on their dress code during an interview. For instance, by putting on a skirt that is too short, you portray yourself as being naïve and foolish. This greatly limits one’s chances of getting the job they are being interviewed for. At the same time, wearing heavy makeup is so inappropriate during an interview. Other cases that limit one’s chances are like having long nails, unnatural hair colors, as well as long fingernails. Nevertheless, it may be impossible for some young female interns to keep a decent look given their limited budgets. 

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