Research in Practice

To identify a market gap for a Chinese restaurant in Birmingham city centre, UK.

Portfolio Activity 4: Planning a Research Methodology

Under this, the project will explore several sections. First, there will be problem identification. Here, the study will identify if indeed there exists a problem which is in form of a market gap within a Chinese restaurant in Birmingham city centre, in the UK. The problem identified will then have to be prioritised under several areas with varied levels of importance attached to each. Thereafter, the status of the identified problem is presented. The study will then set objectives and goals. These act as guidelines on which the findings are to be measured against. Set goals and objectives should be achievable target either in short term or long term.

Another important section to be covered by the study is formulation of a hypothesis. However, it is imperative for the chosen hypothesis to be operational. The researcher should select experimental materials to work on a hypothesis so that the set goals and objectives are achieved. Objectives are in form of specific questions to be answered. Nevertheless, it is critical for the formulated hypothesis to be tested to see if it is workable. Additionally, the selected materials and methods should be put to operation. The researcher then collects predetermined data from available materials as per the hypothesis. The collected data is then compiled, analysed and interpreted. There is also a section for conclusions which are drawn from the findings. A conclusion is based on the hypothesis in determining if set objectives have been achieved. The last section entails the presentation of research results to the audience.

Portfolio Activity 5: Using Secondary Sources

Value Forward, 2010. Market Gap Analysis. Print. Accessed online

The article offers an overview on how to undertake a market gap analysis. Here, the article states that a market gap exists when incorrect decisions are made concerning the operations of a business entity. These incorrect decisions later affect the operations of a business. As such, it becomes relevant to the study as it is on identifying a market gap for a Chinese restaurant.

Deakin University, n. d. Research Design. Print. Accessed online

The article explore research design by taking a systematic approach to the topic. Additionally, it outlines the key elements of research design. All these areas are to be covered in this study too. Consequently, it becomes essential to this study given that it offers crucial information to assist in exploring the topic under study.

Richards, 2006. Qualitative Research Design. Print. Accessed online

In this article, Richards examines the various levels of research design, as well as planning design. Several issues of paramount importance are exhaustively discussed under specific topics. The article, therefore, gives an insight into how to plan and design qualitative research. Richards’ article hence provides vital information for the topic under study.

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Groenewald, T., 2004. A Phenomenological Research Design Illustrated. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, Vol. 3, No. 1.

In the article, Groenewald explores the core principles of phenomenological research design. The author looks at how to locate data to use in research, how to gather and store the data, as well as the analysis and presentation of data. Therefore, the article becomes relevant in this case it provides essential data.

Hasanuzzaman, M., n. d. Research Planning Methodology. Print. Accessed online

The author, through the article, offers vital information on research planning methodology. He starts by giving a definition of research before outlining the main characteristics of research. Furthermore, the article examines the different types of research. As such, it is evident that the information provided in the article is relevant to the study.

Andidas, 2003. Gap Analysis. McDonald’s. Financial Times Research.

The article looks at, among other things, gap analysis at the McDonald’s. In order to remain competitive, the Company formulated an effective product and market strategy. This was a way taking advantage of a market gap in order to gain an edge over competitors. Consequently, a Chinese restaurant in Birmingham city centre can use such a strategy to be competitive too.

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Bridging the gap, 2012. Exterior Marketing Practices of Fast-Food Restaurants. Research Brief

The article explores how majority of the fast-food restaurants in the United States of America use exterior advertising. In order to reach a wider target market, therefore, Chinese restaurants in Birmingham city centre can employ exterior advertising strategy. 

Jones & Bartlett Learning, n.d. Research and Ethics. Print. Accessed online

The article examines ethical issues that come up while one is undertaking research. Ethics defines what is legally and morally right when researching. Essentially, the article is vital in the study as so much of the work will involve putting theoretical research into practice.

UK Research Integrity Office, 2009. Code of practice for research. Promoting good practice and preventing misconduct. Print. Accessed online

The article outlines the recommended checklist to be followed by researchers. Here, key issues before, during and after research are reviewed in order to ensure a researcher follows the laid down rules of research. This comes in handy as such rules are to be followed during this study.

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Kamat, P. V., 2006. Research Ethics. Print. Accessed online

In the article, research ethics are explored. Here, the author outlines a set of obligations that researchers should adhere to while undertaking their studies. These obligations are about following the legally and morally recommended standards of research. This is applicable in this study.



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