Five Ways to Prevent Malpractice Based on Good Communication

Malpractice occurs when specialists fail to perform their own professional obligations, standards, codes of ethical and competent behavior that harm a client. Such misconduct causes emotional devastation on the client and influences his self-confidence.

Among five ways of preventing malpractice, conversation is an essential part in business relations with a client. Timely response on client’s calls will avoid unnecessary problems. If you are not able to answer immediately, than write a text message, e-mail or call to your client within 24 hours. It will demonstrate respect and professionalism in client’s eyes. Do care about your client, communicate diligently with him, and show interest in his business (Top 5 Ways to Avoid Malpractice).

Oginski and Keller suggest do not be afraid to apologize for the mistake you have made. Try to set corrective measures to prevent such situation in the future. A better approach is to take responsibility for own mistakes rather than looking for the right words to and trying to make the situation better.

All documentation should be kept accurately. Kelly points on maintaining documents with hard-paper files or electronically. Documents should be presented with specialist’s signature, and client’s signature in proper place. Also client should be provided with information and being sure that documents are okay.

Strachan refers to organization and advises do not miss a deadline of an order. A professional should be aware of own obligations and always meet the deadline. Check a personal calendar and set up your own limits. If for some important reasons the order was not accomplished on time, provide the customer with accurate information and explain it in a clear and polite way

It is important to screen the client and the case itself carefully. The specialist-client relations are characterized on mutual trust. During conversations with the client, pay attention to what and how the client says, his reactions, gestures and behavior. Finally, any professional should carefully consider primary evaluation of the case before taking an order from a client (Top 5 Ways To Avoid Malpractice).



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