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Help Ron Hire the Right People with the Right Skills

The business is young and is experiencing immense surge of customers. This makes it necessary for Ron to hire the right people who will carry through the vision of the company. Ron should start by analyzing the requirements for each job. This will help him identify specific skills necessary for his business. For instance, he will need persons, who are competent in their specific fields of specialization, who are ambitious and critical thinkers to bring new knew knowledge into the business.

For Ron to be certain that he got the right person for each position, he needs to carry out a recruitment exercise. This may require assistant form recruitment experts since he has never done it before. The recruitment drive may involve multiple interviews to bring out multiple perspectives of the potential employees. This will enable selection of persons who best fit the positions.

Personality assessment will be essential as it will determine how fast an employee adopts the working culture in the business. This will include the ability to make sound decisions, ability to work as a team, critical thinking, interpersonal relations with fellow workers, and a person with the right attitude.

If I owned a company, I would ensure that the recruitment exercise brings the best on board to carry the vision of the company. In a resume, it is important to check the qualifications as required for specific job, experience, skills, and how they spend their leisure time.

Ron can utilize information covered in this unit in hiring the employees for the various positions without developing doubt about their capability.

How to be an Effective Team Player

Being part of a winning team is a rewarding exercise. However, one can be frustrated, confused or even misunderstood if working on a team with no team spirit. Effective teams are a result of effective communication among members. One needs to follow certain simple rules so as to be a better player in the team.

An effective team member communicates when experiencing problems with someone in the group. This will enhance harmony by avoiding brewing of bad feeling. This creates an atmosphere of trust among group members.

One should refute from blaming others. It leads to lack of respect as it is normally in the knowledge of everyone who is not meeting the deadline. The best solution is to approach the member and understand the reason for delays.

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As a group member, one should not always push for the adoption of their ideas. It is essential not to criticize ideas raised by other members. Even if it may not be the best idea, consider it and look for ways to improve it in a polite way. You should know nobody enjoys the company of know-it-all.

As a group member, you should avoid bragging as this will make others develop low self esteem. You should be polite and let members discover what you’ve done by themselves. Another attribute is that you should be a good listener. Pay attention to the person talking to you as this will enable them open up and gain your trust. Acknowledge what you are told and ask probing questions while looking at the person addressing you. Finally, as a team member, you need to get involved in generating ideas, offering solutions, and sharing suggestions with members. Take time to help one another as they will reciprocate in future.

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