Middle East

The Middle East is estimated to cover an area of about 5.0 million square miles. It is the most prehistoric region of mans civilization. It has been a hub of more than 20 main disagreements starting from the Persian-Greek battle to the movement of the Iran-Iraq War. Its physical layout is diverse with immeasurable deserts, high plateaus, and mountains being common. The Sahara Desert and Arabian Peninsula deserts referred to as the "The Empty Quarter." are found in the Middle East. Farming is practiced in areas along the Mediterranean coast in an area referred to as the Fertile Crescent.

The Middle East covers four different ethnicity areas: Arab, Turkish, Iranian, and the recently developed Israeli culture. The latest and most stable of these, the Ottoman Empire, ruled above the majority of the Middle East, until its downfall. Out of its downfall the modern state of Turkey came up, along with the greater part of the present-day Arab nation-states. The difference Between Arab and non Arab countries is that Arab natives speak Arabic and share cultures and history of Arabs whereas non Arabic countries have mixed cultures and ethnicity.

The Middle East is a contemporary name, created by Alfred Mahan in 1902, describing the region covering 16 states in North Eastern Africa and Southwestern Asia. The political implication was that in the next 12000 years, several diverse vast culture and nations urbanized from or overrun the region. While in the present day, 92% of the inhabitants (292 million people) are Muslims, the Middle East is the geographic and distressing hub of three of the world's enormous belief: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The Middle East houses a rich source of petroleum.

Arab countries in North Africa and Arab countries in the Arabian Gulf differences are North Africa cultures of food and clothing is completely different from Middle Eastern culture. The greater part of population in the Middle East are Muslim whereas in North Africa are Christian. In contrast to the belief, this assignment made me know that comparatively a small number of Arab countries own oil and natural gas and man first structureinto a developed form of societystarted in the Arab land.



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