Leadership Paper

Leadership is "managing a group of individuals to realize a common objective". The leader may or may not encompass any formal power. He is someone whom people follow: somebody who leads or guides others.

A good leader is one who has the ability to persuade a subordinate to conduct himself in an accepted manner. Such a leader finds ways of acting on people’s feelings, meaning he finds ways to relate with people’s feeling. For instance l has assisted an individual with gross misconducts in his place of work by empowering him to overlook the problems that he faces on a day to day basis.

A good leader is also one who is able to direct and coordinate the work of group members. He should have the ability and skills which could either are inborn or gained through experience to act as a leader so as to achieve the required objective. l demonstrate this by ensuring a cleanup initiative was completed in all the areas assigned. A leader should be an individual who has close interpersonal relation with others to ensure that they comply with the required code of conduct. L was able to achieve this through communicating success stories that have basis and outcome even when they are mistaken. A leader should be empowered so as to influence a structured group to achieve its goals. This means that he should stir self-confidence and self-worth by speaking boldly or softly.

A leader should be focused on generating desirable prospect. This means that he should adjust to the condition of the environment and people. L was able to achieve this by cautiously observing those circumstances and detect ways of adapting to the situation most efficiently. The leader’s job is to generate conditions for the team to be useful by ensuring each member contributes something. l achieved this by allowing everyone in a group discussion to share their idea. Good leaders are those who put together teams to get outcomes across diverse situations. I reinforced by assigning duties to everyone in a team. Leadership encompasses solving the problem by enabling individuals to use their imagination is a step closer to resolve problems quicker and cheaper.



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