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Munn vs Illinois Case

What was the Munn vs Illinois case about?  What insight does it provide into the stresses and strains caused by the rise of big business? 

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The Munn and Illinois case was about grain storage and elevation business that operated between the year 1844 and 1877 in Chicago. The firm operated like a bank and issued receipts to their customers. The owners of the warehouses were respected in the region and considered as important as well as integrity people. In the 1960s, the firm expanded and developed four elevators, which increased the capacity to 6,000 bushels in a day. Unfortunately, the firms engaged itself in corruption and unethical acts such as unfair price increase and bribery, which prompted the regulatory board to impose law for governing their operations. Public perception to the business changed when the firm started overcharging them for the service and lied to them that their grains are spoiling in order to sell at a through away price. This resulted to strain and strain to the farmers who were their customers.    

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What interests were harmed by pollution from the oil refineries Newtown Creek and other parts of New York City?  How did they react?

Although growth of the oil refineries industry resulted to economic development, its by-product became a threat to the environment. Effluent from the industries was discharged directly to the natural sources of water such as rivers and stream thereby exposing people and aquatic lives to a huge threat. Interests of the conservatives, public and the future generations were harmed. Irritated by the pollution, members of the 15th Ward Smelling Committee went to Newtown Creek to look for the responsible parties. The public complained about the unhealthy situation, which prompted the regulatory body to take corrective actions.

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My reaction is that industries should not be allowed to destroy the environment through discharge of pollutants such as harmful gases and effluent to the natural resources. It is crucial for every person to understand that the health of our future generation depend on the activity we are doing today. The negative effects of environment degradation such global warming and increased cases of skin cancer are now experienced in different parts of the world.  Everybody must contribute towards environment conservation including the government, industries and every citizen. The world as a whole must unite and acquire solutions to solve the problem before our future is destroyed. 

Custom Munn vs Illinois Case essay

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