Part 1

Apparently, Germany suffered greatly, especially due to the WW1 war reparations. The experience can also be attributed to a pathetic and quite ineffective government. There were promises that were made by the Nazi party that it would make Germany a great country and even to turn Germany’s economy. Apparently, the Nazi party did turn the country around and at that particular moment Hitler immediately used the same to gain power as a Chancellor. Ultimately, Hitler applied political maneuvering at the moment the president died in order to become the Fuhrer and finally creating a totalitarian government (Kreis, 2000).

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was under the rule of a Communist totalitarian government that was under Lenin. Just like Hitler, Stalin used political maneuvering in order to gain power and he had Lenin’s respect. He was keen to use his particular role as the secretary-general and appoint his close friends to key posts while removing his opponents from positions of power at the same time. Lenin’s death marked the starting point of Stalin to appoint his allies in order for them to take over the Communist Party. He used ways like lies, sometimes murder, and false imprisonment to remove his opponents from power and ultimately he made it in becoming the leader of the USSR (Kreis, 2000).

Part 2

One of the outstanding and eminent characteristics of leadership during the reign of President Franklin Roosevelt was love for peace. Actually, this can be well comprehended considering September 27, 1938, when he wrote to the Germany Chancellor Adolf Hitler in connection with some threats with regard for a war bound to take place in Europe. Hitler had formerly threatened to invade the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. Letter, Roosevelt tried to assert the importance of finding, at least, a peaceful resolution in order to amicably let the two parties settle their scores. Roosevelt further expressed relief at the moment Hitler complied but still the US President asserted his particular will for negotiations between Germany and Czechoslovakia to continue, until the time, when peace would reign ((Hons), 2000).

Part 3

Governmental propaganda played quite a crucial role with regard for winning over the citizens, gaining any kind of support and then maintenance of high morale of the citizens.

Emergency Fleet Corporation

With regard for this particular poster, its key purpose was to enable the government achieve some intended purposes, the major being in the wartime recruitment department. This poster was meant to motivate or rather encourage the younger generation, especially, to involve themselves much with issues pertaining to their country and serve their nation with vigor mostly during the time of war. Apparently, the poster was successful in conveyance of its message as most of younger generation joined the army to fight for their nations (Duffy, 2000).

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Save the wheat for our soldiers

This poster were meant to ensure that people saved food and this would be on soldiers’ benefit as they would always have enough for the sake of sustenance of the war. Even though the United States never rationed food, the government attempted to urge people save food before it was too late. Funny enough, there was a time when the government also urged even children to show “thrift and economy” in the course of the war (Duffy, 2000).

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