Home Coffee Roasting

Question one

Essentially coffee is one of the world’s highly consumed products. Coffee acts a stimulant to the consumers. The question as to why to convince individuals and companies to roast coffee at locally instead of abroad is simple and easy for the nonprofessionals to interpret and appreciate. In addition, this question answers critical sub question about the economic dynamics, which can be well answered if the populace and the government understands the fundamental financial aspects, which would be attained upon appreciation of the local coffee roasting. More over, the references that aid in researching this topic are readily available. They range from the books to other internet sources. In addition, this topic is sensational and easy to research on. Some of the sources that are intended to be significant in researching this topic include,

Pendergrast, M. (1999). Uncommon grounds: The history of coffee and how it transformed our world. New York, NY: Basic Books.

This source examines how coffee has been banned as an inventor of avant-garde sedition. It is termed as the worst health destroyer on earth (Pendergrast, 1999). The history of coffee as provided a glimpse on the element of colonialism and marketing especially in the abroad countries. More over, this source demonstrates how a complete industry can mislay focus, allowing upstart micro-roasters to recover quality and profits.

Davids, K. (2003). Home coffee roasting: Romance & revival. New York: St. Martin's Griffin.

This source illustrates the equipment, ingredients and methods used for roasting assortment of styles of coffee at home. More over, this book includes an extended storage tips and instructions of creating a unique blend (Davids, 2003). Furthermore, this book has insight to information on bean selection and features of coffee from diverse origin countries.

Sanders, S., & Sanbeck, F. (2003). Coffee roasting at home. Port Orchard, Wash: Cumuli Press.

This source illustrates the methods of coffee roasting and the benefits attributed to home coffee roasting (Sanders & Sanbeck, 2003). Furthermore, this book has insight to information on bean selection and features of coffee from diverse origin countries

Jansen, G. A. (2006). Coffee roasting: Magic, art, science: physical changes and chemical reactions. Munich: SV Corporate Media.

This source examines both physical and chemical reactions during the process of roasting. There are two common home coffee roasters, which include fluid bed and heat drum. This study indicates that the fluid bed roasters are common due to their ability to process and sustain fresh coffee (Jansen, 2006). The process of convincing the big brands on the convenience, cost and easiness of home coffee roasters should entail a clear-cut procedure intended to explain the advantages of the home blenders to the directors and managers. Then the directors would consult and research on the viability of the move. Reassurance to the directors and managers should be done by demonstrating how the process of home coffee roasting works.

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Question 2

What would people who enjoy high-quality coffee need to know in order to try home roasting? This is based in part on possible interview of survey subjects like devotees to Starbucks or other local, regional, and national coffeehouses.

The history of coffee and early processing is fundamental and the people who want to enjoy coffee should be required to know that coffee was processed using the traditional ways, which are believed to have been producing excellent coffee. It is imperative to note that, home based coffee is free of bad taste but instead, it is delicious and appetizing (Jansen, 2006). The process assures freshness and high coffee quality since there is no transportation and any exposure to chemical additives. It is notable that transportation of coffee to factories or industries causes serious harm to the quality due to poor conservation methods. In addition, the cost and the process of home roasting are less involving and less costly respectively. For instance, the whole process is directly controlled and on the other hand, transport costs are reducible. It is notable that people drink coffee because of numerous reasons, which include prestige, to remain active, when having meetings.

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Question three

Personal Interview with Kenneth Davids. Editor and writer for the online publication, Coffee Review, David could offer insight of commercial coffee, boutique and artisan roasters, and some perspective on why home roasting seems more popular.

Kenneth David explains how commercial coffee tends to be perceived to be of considerably high quality compared to the locally consumed coffee. David argues that the commercial coffee should meet some standards, which might not be met by home coffee roasting (Davids, 2003). Davis asserts that artisan roasters may not be able to produce the large quantities required for commercial purposes and suggests the industrial coffee roasting is preferable for commercial coffee. More over, the packaging for commercial coffee is complicated consequently requires industrial processing. On the other hand, home based coffee roasting is common because majority of the locals perceives it to be cost effective and it is adventitious to enjoy the direct control of the process.

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Question four

Personal Interviews with owners and employees of Caracolillo Coffee Mill. According to their web site, this company has been roasting coffee in Tampa since 1936. While they ship nationally, Caracolillio also seems to supply beans to local shops and they offer green beans for businesses and individual home roaster. These interviews could add a local angle and information about how and why they began marketing their beans to home roasters.

Provision of coffee beans to the local roasters is immensely attributed to the less cost in transporting or exporting. In addition, the interest to deal with the local roasters remains high due to the enormous appreciation of the local coffee.

In conclusion, home coffee is cost effective and more quality compared to the industrial coffee. This aspect has immensely contributed to wider appreciation of the coffee by the consumers.

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