Staffing of Duo Fusion Restaurant


Staffing is very critical to organizations as it determines their success. This document summarizes and analyzes the unemployment and demographic figures of Haddonfield, NJ 08033 and comes up with the recruitment plan for the Italian cuisine restaurant, Duo Fusion Restaurant, to be opened in June 2013. 

Recruitment Plan for Haddonfield, NJ 08033

The recruitment plan gives the steps to be taken to increase the work force of an organization. The plan should be properly done as the positions filled determine the overall profit outcome of an organization (Simmons, 2012).

Recruitment Timeline

All the positions for the restaurant should be filled by June 2013. To allow enough time for advertising, interview, and recruitment processes to be done effectively, the whole process will start on the 1st of April 2012. 

Positions to be filled

The following positions will be filled:

Executive Chef

The restaurant will recruit one executive chef who will have the following job descriptions: menu creation, food preparation, employee management, contacting vendors, marketing the restaurant, and interacting with the customers. Applicants filling the position will have to possess the following skills: sensitivity to taste and smell, creativity, teamwork, and sociability.

Sous chef

One sous chef will be recruited and will be responsible for planning and directing all kitchen activities including heading other employees in the kitchen. The applicant should be social, creative, and possess management skills.   

Line cooks

Two line cooks will be recruited and will be responsible for cooking in the kitchen. The applicants should be sensitive to smell, color, and taste.

Dish washer

One dish washer will be required and will be responsible for general cleanliness of the restaurant and utensils. The applicant should be able to maintain high standards of cleanliness and be sociable.


The restaurant will need four waiters who will be responsible for preparing tables, taking orders, serving customers, and receiving payments. The applicants should be sociable, and possess good communication and computer skills.


The restaurant will recruit one host who will be responsible for monitoring of the restaurant dining sections and ensuring the needs of the customers are meet as they wait.


A busboy position will be the entry level in the restaurant. One person will occupy the position and will be responsible for clearing and cleaning plates, setting tables, cleaning the restaurant, inspecting stock, and standing in for absent workers.  

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Recruitment Process

The recruitment will begin with advertisement in the local newspapers and the Internet. The newspapers are the most appropriate because many residents in the area read them daily. The Internet is also appropriate since many people get information from the Internet and it is also fast.

The recruitment will be done internally with the general manager and will start by receipt of application documents from the applicants. The general manager will then review them, select those whose professional skills meet the set standards, and invite them to the interviews. He will also form the interview panel who will interview the applicants. The executive chef will be the first to be employed. After his/her employment, he will help to recruit other employees. 


The recruitment plan involves allocation of time, money, and personnel for each recruitment process. Effective planning enables successful and efficient recruitment processes. 



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