Sexual Education in Children

Information pertaining to sexual issues was not crucial to adolescents in the traditional days. Such important guidelines were considered taboo, and thus the parents were to play the role of educators of their children. Such information was considered deficient and could only be obtained from friends and media. Only at some age before marriage were the children given basic guidelines on how to keep a family and to be husbands and wives depending on the gender. However changing values and increased demand for such information has made the parents become primary teachers on the topic.

Financial costs, besides social and other consequences are some of the major outcomes that teens who get engaged in unprotected and early sexual intercourses are subjected to. Besides these costs, there are other health issues that such children are exposed to. To avoid these problems, a special educational program is needed. This should be initiated by parents and then be supported by various institutions where pupils could get their education. Sexual education should, therefore, start at home before it is implemented in schools.

Many researchers argue that teens are subjected to risky behaviors during their adolescent years. This is simply because at this age sexuality is often viewed from a negative perspective. According to National Survey of Family Growth (a research organization in Atlanta), formal sex education is considered integral as it aims at minimizing risky sexual behavior among youths. According to the findings, frequent communication between parents and their young children on topics related to sex normally leads to a slow sexual mentality, and this may also reduce the chances of pregnancy among teens. Teens should receive sexual education when they are still below the age of 18. This is usually composed of 96% and 97% of girls and boys in that order.

According to research, most female teens are likely to receive directives and guidelines on birth and sexual control methods. This is mostly done in schools. The percentage composition according to the study was 47% as compared to their male counterparts. The chances of a younger female teenager talking with her parents about sex were found out to be higher than that of male ones.

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There are various educational institutions besides schools and other institutions that can offer educational services. Youths are able to participate in sexual educational programs in churches and other community centers. These programs usually promote high morals among girls and lower their chances of contacting health problems and diseases.

Delaying sexual activity among the youths is important. This is due to the fact that such youths will be less likely to give birth at early age as well as their exposure to other sexually transmitted diseases will be controlled. This is only possible if a strong foundation on sex education program is laid by the parents. The basis of such education is aimed at improving the living standards of children and also at ensuring high morals among themselves.

Formal sex educators should not only teach youngsters to say "no" to sex, but also incorporate measures that youths should take to help reduce the risk among themselves. Parents, therefore, are called up to respond differently to help lay the foundation of such educational services by performing the introductory role in educating their children. They should introduce them by giving them basic guidelines that are aimed at informing them about the effects of early sexual practices.

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Normally a very small percentage of youths get time to talk about sex with their parents. This is because most parents do not engage their children in such talks (Yu-Feng, 2012). This has lowered performance of sex education programs over the years. Parents should, therefore, take the responsibility of talking about issues that are pertaining to body changes of the youths. This will ensure healthy living and will help understand body reactions and changes of the hormonal systems.

To reduce behaviors among the youths that are risky, effective formal sex education is significant. Parental communication with their young ones about sex at a certain age will help reduce sex prevalence and promote other self control methods among the teens. This is especially effective among sexually experienced youths.

Comprehensive sexual education should be evaluated according to programs that are set by both parents and teachers. Sexuality and activeness of youths can be reduced when these programs are properly implemented. It is evident that youths, who receive early sexual education are less likely to become victims of activities that are related to sex (Donya, 2012). They are fully informed and have vast knowledge of what to do and at what time. Such educational services can be offered at different levels of cultural settings. Backgrounds and socio-cultural settings will influence the practice.

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A number of parents propose to provide sexual and health education in pre-schools and at elementary stages. Despite this urge, parents seek to offer basic education on sexual issues to their children and go ahead to analyze the content of sexual education offered to their siblings at schools. This includes the nature and prevalence of such education. A dialogue between the administration and parents should first be carried out to ensure healthy implementation of such programs so that their children could avoid risks associated with the study. Effective research will play a crucial role.

Approaches, such as abstinence, only have resulted in serious problems by making majority of youth being denied crucial information that is necessary for their personal protection from risks of sexual exposure. This practice has resulted in various effects on teens that are in their adolescent stage.

Caution should be taken when dealing with sexual education. Offering sex education can lead to confusion among students. Counterproductive activities may occur as many teens would want to get involved in sexual experimentation. However, prevalence and occurrence of such situations is only possible where there are dormant and inactive educators.

Studies show that schools need to integrate sexual education in their curriculums to increase understanding of abstinence and to regulate sexual practices among youths. This will provide a proper reaction to continued health threatening conditions such us sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and AIDS. A message about personal care and self-protection should always be availed to teens, who are victims of unhealthy sexual situations.

Information on other forms of protection should also be a part of the educational program. Parents should always be the first teachers of their children. This will enable them to understand other necessary precautions and measures that they can take to protect themselves. The education should incorporate information about contraceptives and other forms of sexual protection such as condom usage (Richie, 2012). When such information is availed to young people, they become aware of their sexuality and learn to manage their desires appropriately. The risk of early pregnancy among girls is also reduced.

Yet another argument is that healthy behaviors and sexual attitudes can only be developed by providing accurate and reliable information about sexual practices and conduct by educators. This is ideal for adolescent people.

Adolescents should be influenced in a manner that will help them adapt to responsible and healthy sexual behavior. This is only possible when proper sexual education is provided to the teens. Research proposes that sexual education must reflect on both the structure of sex and human morals besides general sexual relationship. To maintain good form, people need to be sexually educated.

Various researches indicate that teens are not motivated to start living sexual life at early age when they are subjected to comprehensive studies and clear guidelines. This kind of program should start with parents before it is introduced in schools and institutions. Lack of information about sex may lead to increased frequency of sexual intercourses among teens and may result into higher number of sexual partners.

Young people should be educated by honest and result-oriented professionals who can handle topics on sexual activities. Such programs should not only be based on abstinence, but they also should be diversified to other areas that portray moral values among the youths.

Behavior and attitudes related to sex are very significant as they may lead to long-term problems if ignored in real life. Based on the above arguments and support from different sources, I support the argument that sexual education should start from parents. This will promote clear understanding of what sex is all about. Detailed information about it will be available for teens in different institutions. This will make it easy for sexual educators to deliver their education services to the youths.

Apart from easy delivery of such services, it also helps reduce the chances of early pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases that may be caused by premature and premarital sex among the youths. Therefore, I agree with the notion that parents should be primary sexual educators of their children with the help of educators in conjunction with the school system.

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