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The issue of technology is extremely controversial in the modern life. Some people feel that technology has impacted negatively while others feel that technology has made a positive impact in today’s life. Technology has influenced positively on the modern life and has helped in improvement of its quality.

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Technology enables individuals to improve productivity at work by allowing companies to produce more goods efficiently using less time and labor. Tasks done previously by the workers are done by robots nowadays. For example, robotic arm is applied in the modern garbage truck. The use of robotic arm enhances effective and efficient collection of trash; an activity that would have taken human labor weeks to complete is done within hours. Technology has enabled companies to save both the production cost and time.

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However, the use of technology has a negative effect on people’s life. Many persons today rely on technology heavily. It has made people lose their natural instinct to survive in the process. For instance, if the technology was to vanish suddenly, human life would be crippled essentially and would be difficult to live without the ease and comfort brought by the technology.

Nevertheless, new technology has negatively affected the modern life. Despite the fact it has facilitated the enrichment of life, it has degraded human existence, as well. Man has become dependent on it, and life can come to a standstill if it fails.  Depending on it has led to the environmental pollution through the emission of poisonous gas by machines.

Notwithstanding the shortcoming of the new technology on the modern human life, its use is indispensable. Its applying in the provision of health care has saved many lives. Intensive care units in hospitals help in stabilizing the patients whose health is at a critical level. Patients with heart problems are monitored and treated while at the intensive care units. At least 70% of the patients admitted to ICU are treated successfully.

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To sum up, new technology impact in life is an incredible tool that will help in improvement of the world economy. It will consecutively bring a lot of medical support to treat diseases, help in the collection and management of garbage.  Therefore, new technology should impact in life.

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