Psychographic and Behavioral Study

One can find clusters of young unmarried immigrants in such cities as Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto who mostly belong to urban dwellers. They have apartments in the Rooms with a View areas, primarily nor far from university campuses. Those households consist of actual students and those who have already graduated. Immigrants from Asia, the Middle East and Latin America are inconsiderable in number. As for single Canadians, they like going out, cruising bars and comedy clubs, using dating services or getting yoga workouts. Most of them have good education and are keen on opera, ballet, classical music, movie festivals and other kinds of art. They prefer living at a high rate. Their priority is spending money rather than saving it. They never economize on essentials. Moreover, the latest gadgets, software, jewelry, trendy clothes and books are only a few of the things they buy without a moment’s hesitation. Nothing prevents them from behaving in such a way. They have neither financial nor family obligations.

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 Young Digerati bellwethers

Some young single people and even couples belong to a group of young Digerati who can be found in certain cities with fashionable and trendy areas. Those communities of the in-city neighborhoods are mostly multi-ethnic. Well-educated prosperous people live in sophisticatedly designed apartments in top notch condos. It goes without saying that they are located only in those areas that are abundant in cafes, bars, restaurants, fitness clubs, fancy dress boutiques and all kinds of entertainment centers. Those young dwellers are not overlaid with responsibilities, have no kids to take care of or even marriage partners, they are not pressed for time or money. So, going to festivals and discos, socializing, dancing, bar-hopping, enjoying music and fun are their main passions. Good look is one of their obsessions; thus, one cannot fancy his or her life without taking Pilates or shaping classes, shopping for technological innovations or trendy clothes. They are fashion conscious and enjoy looking gorgeous. However, they do not mind donating to art events and supporting environmental organizations.

The second wealthiest group in Canada - well-off,  middle-aged and urban

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Urbane Villagers are those residents who dwell in the area of the largest Canadian metros. Up-scale stately homes, exclusive cars, memberships in golf clubs and providing charity support – all this makes up their world of prosperity and success. There is a certain percentage of immigrants from Europe, Asia and Middle East. All of them are married reputable people holding university degrees. They are mostly middle-aged, so their children are about to enter the university or are students already. The members of Urbane Villagers make really good money and their household income is almost 250,000 USD on average. Nothing prevents them from purchasing yachts, bots, cottages and expensive jewelry. They travel much and loosen the purse strings every time they want anything notwithstanding its cost. It may sound strange, but those Canadians are mostly active participants of cultural, environmental and political events. Their philanthropic effort is highly appreciated in the communities, along with their interest in national and cultural diversity.   

Unmarried, young, urban singles with average income

The youngsters from different cultural backgrounds who live in the vicinity of universities belong to one of the most liberal population groups called Grads & Pads. All of them are progressive town dwellers. Students, graduates, well-educated unmarried people, service employees, white-collars with not very high incomes live in those apartments which are not far from their educational institution or work so that they could walk or use public transport. They spend their earnings only on their own needs. More than seventy percent of Grads & Pads dwellers are single, so they have no commitments. They mostly fly with the owls and hang out at the bars and nightclubs every night. They enjoy going to various performances and concerts to get entertainment. In addition, they want to keep fit, so scuba diving, aerobics, skiing and workouts are their usual lifestyle routine. Some of them take part in political activities, volunteer for some parties or their representatives that encourage liberal views and do social work. 

Young singles and couples of upper – middle class

The whole neighborhoods of young single people and couples who enjoy urban lifestyles without any problems belong to the Electric Avenues group. One can find most of them in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa-Gatineau. Most of households are childless, so these university graduates just live their lives with pleasure. Their apartments are mostly rented as their incomes do not let them have their own. However, they spend a lot of money on books, organic food, gadgets and music. Baseball, jogging and other kinds of sport are popular among those young people. They enjoy going to nightclubs, festivals and bars. They are progressive and use online transactions and debit cards instead of cash. They are crazy about the top quality food and alcohol. They value fancy clothes and support all kinds of originality. They are broad-minded and are not against sexual permissiveness.

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Multi-ethnic urban households of upper-middle-class

Europeans from Italy, Poland, Greece, Portugal and other countries from the first and second immigration generations represent the group of Continental Culture. Its old-fashioned center is in Toronto. The households of this type are mostly made up by couples and common law marriages. There are more and more young families who tend to live in not very expensive urban apartments. Those residents hold university degrees; they have white-collar jobs and better-than-average lifestyles. They are mostly theater and cinema-goers. Their kids get used to attending zoos, aquariums and various entertainment centers since early childhood. Those people have rather progressive points of view, though their roots are in the old world. They are often referred to as supporters of novelty, originality and gender equality.

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