Nights of Cabiria

Nights of Cabiria belongs to the pink neorealism, which in the middle of the 50s replaced the classic Italian neorealism. The film's story tells about a prostitute named Cabiria. She works in one of the cheapest places in Rome with vulgar and sharp-tongued women. Despite the fact that her profession is ancient and cynical, she is a naive and kind person. Cabiria hopes to find the man of her dreams and become an honest woman. In fact, this film has an unusual and innovative image of the characters. Besides, Nights of Cabiria has a great cast, an interesting storyline, and fascinating dialogues of the characters. Moreover, there are unique elements that make this film exciting. The goal of this essay is to analyze the film Nights of Cabiria.

Movies directed by Fellini are the ultimate edge of aesthetic pleasure. His films are impregnated with all the sacraments of film directing. Fellini built story and plot twists in Nights of Cabiria incredibly well. As befits a true perfectionist, a famous film director knew what was necessary to give the audience to make the film outstanding and how to do it. Fellini's merit is that he was able to recognize potential in his wife Giulietta Masina to play the main role in this film, a prostitute Cabiria. She works in this field for several years, but in contrast to her colleagues, she longs to escape from the shackles of such a life. Besides, she dreams about finding another job, leaving the decaying house, and falling in love. Cabiria wants to love someone truly, with all her sincerity and warmth. She dreams of finding her prince and getting away with him at the end of the earth. Thus, Cabiria is more a child than the vulgar and coarse person. Besides, her actions are incredibly sincere. Her colleagues do not understand such innocence and dreaminess. Girls laugh at Cabiria’s constant fictions about love, happiness, and the search for her only man. However, the main character of Nights of Cabiria believes that faith brings her to the fateful meeting. In fact, her happiness is the hope that pulls Cabiria from the bottom of human society. For sure, her profession is not the most worthy and prestige, but the soul of this fragile little girl is pure. However, not everyone appreciates this purity.

Nights of Cabiria has unique elements that make this film interesting and exciting. Firstly, critics compared the created image of Cabiria with a female incarnation of Charlie Chaplin. She is a little tramp, the same lonely creature that is dreaming of a beautiful love and true happiness. Fellini himself noted that creating a Nights of Cabiria, he saw the source of inspiration in Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights, one of his favorite movies. For example, the manner of Charlie Chaplin is recognized in a grotesque dance of Cabiria she performed in a nightclub. The truthful emotion of the main character and society is the second unique element. For example, the director is interested in the life of the lower classes. Realizing the film image of the home, he shows it in three dimensions: the perfect house of an actor, Cabiria’s modest house, and a ditch with a poor live. Nevertheless, such a picture is not the main thing that Fellini wanted to demonstrate. After Cabiria loses money and love, she finds the strength to hope for a miracle, as evidenced by the slight hint of a smile in the final scene, when the heroine is wandering in tears among other people. The director shows that this is not the end, and Cabiria will rise again and continue to search happiness. Fellini confessed that even with the advent of titles, he did not cease to worry about the fate of the character. Such an attitude endows this film with a special atmosphere and mood. Besides, the director manages to perfectly show Cabiria’s plight and her inner world. The last and the most powerful element of this film is its ending. Nights of Cabiria is a fairy tale with two possible endings. Viewers, depending on their views of the world, must decide the further destiny of the naive Cabiria. The viewer has to decide how the story will finish. The main character’s destiny can end with a terrible tragedy and a broken heart or the hope of restoring the happiness. Fellini opens the end of the film, and this fact further draws attention to the film. I interpret this movie as a simple story of good and evil, which is transformed into a black-and-white picture. This film is incredibly deep and colored if to look at how Fellini plays with light and shadow. I also paid special attention to the metaphor of day and night in the life of Cabiria. In fact, inexhaustible hope kindles lights on Cabiria’s hopeless path. At the end of the film, I hoped that the night would end for Cabiria, and she would start to live in the day with her dreams.

In conclusion, this story is about a prostitute and a proud woman who believes in love. People cheat and despise her, but she is still the same naive, bright, funny and, at the same time, solid and a self-sufficient girl that meets the difficulties with her head held high. This film was made half a century ago, but no one would deny its relevance today. Nights of Cabiria has some elements that make this film captivating. This film has an interesting plot, wonderful cast, engaging conversations, and an image of social life with unsurpassed emotions of the main character. Therefore, Nights of Cabiria is a true masterpiece that has become film classics.

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