Glorious is a word that cannot sufficiently describe this wedding party I had the honor to attend. This wedding was a well-organized and delightful event which met the highest standards of quality and will remain memorable to every participant.

It felt great to visit this wedding party that gathered different kinds of people from all over the walks of life. These people included the dignitaries, elderly, youth and children. Their presence at the party made the discussions diversified and fruitful. The party was held near a lake where fresh breeze rustling in the surrounding shrubs gave a special tone to the whole event. The guests were glad to spend some time outside and enjoy relaxed atmosphere.

The organizers showed superb arrangement of the reception and each table was decorated like a work of art: purple napkins, extensive menus, beautiful vases full of roses, photos of a newly married couple. Around each table there were a number of comfortable chairs. Sweet and melodious music, harmoniously supported by roundelays, accompanied the wedding. Besides, there was live roots music and disco which added vitality to the party.

It was enjoyable to be a participant of the wedding. I am convinced that this memorable event will remain in the hearts of the guests for a long time. Everything was perfect and lovely. We were as happy as a clam at high water.

It was wonderful to see the bride closed in a strapless white wedding gown tighting fit. Golden jewelry set off the whiteness of her perfect skin and a purple high-heeled shoes appeared to be the attention grabber of her look. Her appearance made everyone tongue tied and amazed. Her gorgeous hair style was hidden by two-tier veil with a matching crystal tiar. In her hand, she held a French rose silk bouquet. The groom complemented his lady. He was brilliant in his black fitting trousers, white-wing collar shirt and purple necktie. Golden watch and bracelet attached him sharpness and manlinnes. His black hair was well cut and combed. The happy pair radiated with happiness while walking through the aisle solemnly. After their parents had presented their gifts, the groom held the bride’s hand passionately as they marched together.

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On the exquisitely decorated aisle, the priest welcomed them, and loud cheers of the audience rang out . The priest commenced the ceremony with a prayer and read the Bible. Further, they read their inscribed vows to each other, and the priest consecrated their union. They exchanged the rings which were handed by a fine-looking young girl. As they read the vows, the bride could not stop crying of the excitement. It was an emotional moment, and it almost made me shed my tears. Finally, the priest proclaimed them as husband and a wife. The partners kissed each other and danced together to make use of every moment of the holiday.

They danced to every tune and almost wore themselves out. It motivated all the guests to dance, from dignitaries to young children. Everyone was in a hurry to hug and congratulate the young couple. After the dance, the white and purple colored cake was ushered in. This was very special cake with unusual design. On it, there was the inscription of photos belonging to the bride and the groom. The wedding cake was beautiful, with purple frosting and roses cascading down the sides. The married couple cut the cake and gave each other a piece. Afterwards, the servants passed the cake to us. It was very delicious treat and I even asked for seconds.

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After that, the photo session appeared to be the climax of the day. We took photos with the bride and the groom. This continued for about two hours, and it was getting cold and late. Afterwards we rushed to the restaurant. There was stintless supply of chicken, stew, rice, vegetables, steamed fish, roasted meat and different drinks. The food was a highlight of the programme. The reception had all kinds of foods which made us salivate waiting for the next helping. Dishes preserved under a tent in the buffets emitted delicious aroma. During the dinner, there were nine courses with two desserts. People ate to their satisfaction.

As we finished the dinner, the bride and groom had a boat riding section. As far as I'm concerned, it was too late for such entertainments. But, although the bride and groom were not assisted to row, the groom controlled the boat successfully and inspired wonder of the guests.

After leaving the wedding party, I decided that my children should celebrate a wedding like this. If possible, I will use the same approach and providers who arranged everything. I would like the same scenario and the same colors which made the event royal. I got to know that superb organization contributes to the success of the event.

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Surprisingly, many people could not notice the presence of crocodiles in the lake that came to my recognition after the bride and the groom rode off on their boat. After requesting a friend of mine who worked there, he informed me that he tamed the crocodiles for security purposes. I was shocked when I saw the crocodiles near the boat.

If it were my wedding, I could have started the party much earlier so as to spend all the day celebrating my life-time event. The wedding feast was filled with pleasure, amusement and whole-hearted conversations. Fascinatingly, most of the people who attended the wedding ceremony were not invited but all in all it was a success.

To sum up, I’d like to mention that this particular event will linger in my mind for years. I hope everyone had a good time and as much fun as I had.

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