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Our general outlook and worldview depend on different issues. The family where one grew and the family environment turn to be ones of the most influential. However, having become a teenager, a person often changes preferences and tastes. This period tends to be very important for the formation of personal priorities, musical taste, and general worldview. At this time, people often find an interesting personality that they admire and take him or her as a good example to follow. Certainly, it is not surprising that this person is often a celebrity.

Famous people are always in the spotlight. Their lives and behavior are the focus of everyone’s interest. A notable or well-known person who has achieved some degree of fame – politician, business leader, musician or actor – will always be the focus of intense public scrutiny. Public figures can evoke admiration and endless esteem; anyway, people talk about them, search information about their favorites, and tend to be alike.

I would like to pay attention to the public figure which I find very interesting and worth talking about. For me, it is Jared Leto, the frontman of the rock band 30 Seconds to Mars. Some people may say that a man who is willing to change his hair color from blue to blond and then pink cannot be serious. However, it is just the first impression.

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The list of Jared Leto’s occupations is quite long: he is an actor, musician, director, producer, singer-songwriter, philanthropist and that is not all. He is an incredibly talented person who is completely devoted to what he is doing. Now, being forty-two, he is famous and successful, rich and adored by millions of fans all over the world. He has won numerous musical and film awards. Among all of them, there is an Oscar won in 2014 for best supporting actor in a great film Dallas Buyers Club. However, the first steps to the success were not easy and confident. There were times when Jared was addicted to drugs and arrested for that. After spending his time in jail, this man found the energy and did his best to become a person he is now. Today, he writes songs that inspire people to creation, love and good. He filmed a video clip entirely on location 200 miles north of Arctic Circle. In the song “Beautiful Lie”, the frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars raises the question of global warming and saving the planet. Jared Leto always has a message to the world.

This man does not only use music to make difference and offer his help. After a terrible earthquake and floods in Haiti in 2010, Jared went there, helped to reconstruct people’s houses, made many photos, and published a book about this cataclysm in order to draw attention to this problem. The musician was helping the local population and doing everything to attract investment for the reconstruction. Jared is very concerned about the destiny of other people. Confirmed philanthropist, this man always wants to make this world better.

In 2008, the band 30 Seconds to Marswas sued for 30 million dollars by the recording company. It was shocking, hard and unfair. Despite the year of litigation, permanent stress and constant pressure, these guys managed to create a new wonderful and powerful album and gave it a loud name – This is War. The story with the recording company was over. 30 Seconds to Marswon. The music of 30 Seconds to Marsalways has deep sense, the lyrics touches you; some words really shake to the core. Once you hear their music, you will always be addicted to it.

The story of life of Jared Leto certainly influenced my worldview. This man inspires people to live their dreams, be creative, work hard and value the magic of this life. He motivates to do good and encourages to love and bring happiness in any possible way. He shows how to find a way to notice beauty around. Jared Leto is a man who teaches to struggle for what you believe. Having passed many ups and downs, this person managed to make his life happy, interesting and inspiring. He is worthy of admiration.

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