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       1. Does this publication meet its objectives? In your narrative response detail the publication’s objectives (to include target audience, message conveyed, etc.); assign a scale score of 1-10; explain in detail why you chose that scale score.

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The comprehensive publication targets different audiences both at individual and community levels. It is directed at creating disaster awareness and preparedness within the individuals, families, and communities. The strategic creation of awareness at personal level is of significant importance as it ensures that people are able to tackle communal challenges. Moreover, such awareness encourages people to care about each other creating the sense of brotherhood. The steps to be undertaken during disaster facilitate logical approach, which ensures fewer fatalities and loses. To convey the message, the authors of publication use photography and interwoven sentences to stress on its mandate of enlightening the people. Indeed, through the images of fatalities and massive destruction portrayed in the FEMA publication, the sense of urgent change is instilled in the readers. The publication is primarily targeted at English speaking readers. To reach a larger audience, the publication is also presented in Spanish, which is commendable. Nevertheless, it should be presented in more languages and through other formats to reach even larger audience. Therefore, I would give the publication a rating of 8 in a scale of 1-10.

       2. What works particularly well in this publication? In your narrative response detail what you believe works well in this publication (i.e., publication layout, visual presentation, information delivery format, strength of message, etc.).

Various aspects of this publication make it suitable for general public use, which contributes to successful message delivery. The content of the publication includes logical and conclusive discussion of various disasters commonly encountered in daily life. They include the tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes. The publication is also presented through attractive image effects in an easily readable format. The visual effects of the publication make it attractive to large audience, especially teenagers and children. Through its unique format, it effectively touches on issues of direct impact of disasters on people’s lives, which makes it necessary to read. Its seamlessly flowing content helps to successfully convey the message to the reader and makes him/her read it till the end. Strategic use of images of children on the cover page effectively stresses the need for disaster preparedness to protect future generations. Moreover, the publication instills a sense of fear in its concluding paragraphs and statements, thus effectively transforming the mentality of the audience and calling for action.

Moreover, the work has been effective in targeting a large audience through uniquely designed styles and contents. In addition, the large outreach is facilitated by its presentation in English, the most used global language, and Spanish. To meet its motive of rapid and elaborate disaster response, the publication has effectively outlined the roles of every person and entity in avoidance and response to the impacts of the natural phenomenon. Furthermore, the FEMA publication effectively outlines the role of each person in ensuring the welfare of their neighborhood.

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       3. What could be done to improve this publication? In your narrative response detail the improvements you would make to this publication to enhance its effectiveness.

The publication has proved a great success trying to instill positive culture within the US populations. Its distribution in print format has successfully reached wide audience. Moreover, the attempts to produce other versions of the publication in different languages are also promising. Nevertheless, a lot should be done to ensure full realization of the publication’s goal: zero disaster related fatalities. Firstly, there is a need for increased media campaigns to popularize it. It will help sensitize the general public on the need to access and read through the publication. Secondly, it is regarded as a mere rhetoric if no strategies are put in place to help in the implementation of its proposals. By advising against settlements in disaster-prone localities, there should be clear resettlement strategies and financing to help the people willing to move out to relocate. The efforts made to popularize the publication online through governmental websites are remarkable. However, its content should be divided into shorter sections suitable for blogs.

Moreover, it is apparent that there are not enough print copies of the publication. As a result, many people have been denied the privilege of reading and understanding its recommendations. Therefore, it is necessary to provide enough funds to facilitate the printing. It will alleviate the burden of reprinting incurred by non-governmental organizations willing to aid in the supply of the publication. It is an unnecessary expenditure that wards such organizations off.

      4. Are there other delivery formats that would enhance the delivery of this publication? In your narrative response detail options and rationale supporting the use of those options.

The content should be shortened and delivered to the public as blogs to reach larger audience of young adults. In addition, there should be a mass production of the audiovisual versions of the document. This diverse production is essential in reaching people of diverse physical challenges or personal preferences. Indeed, an audiovisual version of the publication can be effectively supplied to cinemas to enlighten their clients on the implications of disasters and the response required of the citizens. Producing the files in PDF (eBook) formats also enables online readers to easily access the information contained therein, while PowerPoint presentations of the same can be effectively used as lecture materials and public awareness campaigns and trainings. Use of cartoon elaborations can be employed to attract attention of children who may influence the decisions made by their parents. To reach out the visually impaired citizens, the publication should be formatted into brailed version, which is readable to such visually challenged people. Finally, it should be translated into more languages to not only reach US populations but also be used as a principle guideline across the globe. It is high time the stakeholders realized that the US is a diverse nation having non-English speakers with the same principal rights as their English speaking counterparts.

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