Environmental Pollution Sample Essay

An essay on environmental pollution discusses various types of environmental pollution, such as air, soil, water contamination, and sound pollution. So each body paragraph will describe a separate type of pollution. In addition, the essay on this topic might discuss the consequences of global warming, extinction of animals, melting of glaciers, resources depletion, etc. Some paragraphs might be dedicated to the discussion of human activity, including rapid development of technology and industry, transportation, deforestation to name a few.

Introduction Example

Man Is the Main Source of Pollution

The environment is everything that surrounds people, from air and plants to animals and buildings. To sustain a balanced life, people have to make sure that all components of the environment coexist without inflicting considerable harm to each other. Nevertheless, the society is facing an alarming deterioration of the planet’s health. Given the pace of the environmental destruction, future generations will have to cope with unprecedented environmental challenges. People are polluting the planet to an extent that it becomes a real hazard not only to themselves but to the rest of living organisms, as well. Because the pollution has become severe fairly recently, its consequence might not be visible yet. Nevertheless, our generation is already suffering from strong earthquakes, typhoons, eruptions of volcanoes, thunderstorms, floods, and droughts, all of which are blamed on pollution. Although there are natural causes of pollution, a human being is its most serious cause.

How to Create Fully-Developed Body Paragraphs

Generally, the body of an essay is its most important constituent since here, you discuss your argument (thesis statement) in detail and provide evidence to establish credibility. When writing an essay on environmental pollution, you can discuss the main causes of man-made pollution, i.e. various human activities that are harmful to the environment. Remember that one paragraph must be dedicated to only one topic, so it’s better to discuss each cause in a separate paragraph. Start each paragraph with a strong topic sentence. Further, provide ample reliable evidence to prove your point. Be sure to use transitions between paragraphs to make the essay coherent and ensure a logical development of the ideas. A smooth flow and strong evidence (examples, facts, statistics, quotes, etc.) are the cornerstones of a good essay. Although every paragraph discusses a different topic, all of them should support the thesis statement.


While the body of the paper is the most extensive and meaningful part of an essay, an introduction and conclusion make the essay logically developed, interesting, and complete. An effective introduction helps attract the readers’ attention and a good conclusion helps produce a lasting positive impression on them. A rule of thumb is that the concluding paragraph should summarize the main claims of the paper and re-state the thesis statement. However, we recommend challenging the reader by including a controversial claim or a probing question to encourage the reader to learn more about the topic.


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